Sunday, September 28, 2008

did i really just say that?

1. could you please call me when you need to be wiped?!! if i have to clean dirty off that potty one more time...

2. do not hit your brother with that helicopter.

3. the refrigerator is not a toy.

4. we keep our pee pee in our pants. yes, i know that i don't have a pee pee. just keep yours in your pants!

5. i don't care if you are a viking...don't touch your brother.

6. stop licking the cabinets.

7. stop slobbering in his ear.

8. yeah...anthony dixon (msu football player) probably sleeps in his underwear. he's such a big boy.

9. yes. girls have bellybuttons.

10. we don't run over people with tractors.

11. don't put sand in his hair. don't put sand in your hair. just get away from the sand!

12. you're right. referees have pee pees because they are boys.


Rachael Tackett said...

What is the deal with pee pees at your house? Ha ha!!

Lance and DK said...

just wait until you begin to sound like your mama! it will happen, and the first time you hear it slip out of your mouth you will be stopped in your tracks and think, "did i just say that?" love ya, mama

Anonymous said...

We need to talk, "G"

Marty Cooper said...

I know. Men always use the 'I'm a Viking' argument.

Rachel Locke said...

Maybe we should ask Brad if Anthony Dixon sleeps in his underwear. He could ask him at the next press confrence.