Thursday, January 31, 2013

things they say

reed is my grocery shopping partner most of the time.  he knows where everything is, and he has opinions about what we should get and what we shouldn't.  a few mornings ago we were in the dairy department picking up some eggs.  he likes to open them and "push" on them to make sure they are ok. i picked up a dozen and opened it to find about 6 busted eggs.

reed:  "oh no!  some of those are crappin'!" (cracking?)

so i picked up about five different cartons and all had cracked eggs in them.  

reed:  "they all have eggs that are crap-ted." (cracked?)
me:  "yeah.  we should tell somebody that works here that they have an egg problem, shouldn't we?"

wrong thing to say.  i was just talking.  he took it literally.  so as we passed a skinny, young guy on the way out with a blue kroger shirt on....

reed:  "hey.  y-y-you got some crappin' eggs!!"

i bet that's the first time in his life that he's ever had somebody tell him that!


in the middle of a wrestling match in the den, i overhear from the kitchen:

william:  "get your phalanges off of me, wes!"
wes:  "you get your phalanges off!"
william:  "do you even know what phalanges are?"
wes:  "no.  but i don't want them on me!"


now imagine the following said in a 5 year old, southern drawl.  (sin = seeyun)

dear god,
we all just sin and sin and sin.  and if you didn't send somebody to take it away from us, we would all just go to hell. sent us jesus.  so.....thanks.

this was wes' prayer a few nights ago.  i've never heard the word "hell" come out of a 5 year old before.  but, he used it correctly, and it makes my heart happy that he at least somewhat understands the concept.  now i've just got to work on the 3 year old saying "crap" to the kroger boy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

in case you were wondering....

mississippi state is not good at ice hockey.  at all.  not even a little bit.  even though we could not even get the puck on our end of the floor (court? rink?)....we definitely had the cutest fans!

i don't know anything about hockey, but i found myself doing the same thing as everybody else around us....hoping for a fight!  i guess if you can't score, the next best thing is seeing somebody get tossed into the wall.  in other news, our tennis team won this weekend.  so....we're just going to forget about hockey over here and cheer on our tennis boys!!  go dawgs!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a whole lot of randomness

i don't think it's ever going to quit raining.  i have forgotten what sunshine looks like!  william got a telescope for christmas, and we have not had one single non-cloudy night since christmas for him to use it.  poor kid.  however, you can see straight into the neighbor's kitchen and even identify what they are eating for supper!!  :)  ha!  i was the one that discovered that.  i didn't let him in on that little secret.  i'd rather him sit around and wait on the stars to come out!!

speaking of rain, doesn't everybody's back door look like this?  muddy, wet piles of clothes are normal, right?

and since there is no sunshine or dry ground to play on while william swims, we have taken to doing homework in the front seat while we wait.  he's not a fan.  go ahead and start praying for me now.  please.  thanks.

we found out on friday night that fried ice cream isn't all it's cracked up to be.

reed just decided to take an extra basket of chips for his own instead of eating dessert.  smart boy.

wes' class celebrates their 100th day of school this week.  he hates to dress up, but he was pumped about bringing 100 of something to school.  especially since he chose 100 gumballs.  so....he won't be dressed as an old timey person, but he will have enough gum for an army!

i don't know why we even try to have order in this house.  when the furniture is all over everywhere because the room is about to be painted, the little people prefer it that way.

in this case, they were the judges making up new laws.  let's be honest...they would more than likely do a better job at that than the elected people we've got doing it now.  sheesh.

in other news, chase is the new face of mississippi state.  wait....neither of us gave permission to use his likeness.  we should demand royalties, right?!?!?

hope you were able to stay with me while i bounced all over the place here.  maybe i'll be a little more organized once the sun makes an appearance and all the little people get back outside and out of my house!  hurry up, sunshine!  we miss you!

Monday, January 7, 2013


this morning was the first day of 2013 back in the routine.  and by routine i mean dragging people out of bed, telling them to eat their breakfast 14 times while they continue to stare at it, and searching for the inevitable missing shoe!!  hello, 2nd semester!!!

two were ready to go!

one was not!

oh well...2 out of 3 ain't bad!!  :)