Sunday, April 29, 2012

1st game

this weekend was opening day for baseball season this year.

unfortunately, chase had to work.  this left me with 3 kids on 2 different teams with games at the same time.  yay!  since it was wes' first game ever, i went to his game and had to miss william's.

all the lost pizza boys ready for action!

waiting on his turn to bat...

he nailed it!

we have been harping on the fact that you can't sling the bat after you hit.  i was little worried that he was going to take somebody out, but he proved to me that he does actually hear what we are telling him!!  i cracked up at his perfect bat placement after he hit it.  so perfect that he had to step over it before he could run!

despite the fact that he actually had his glove on his throwing hand while in the field (he's good like that)...

and that he sat down and watched a few airplanes fly over...

when he decided that he wanted to play, he fought hard for the ball.  yes, i said fought.  that means he fought his own teammates for the ball.  have you ever seen 4 year olds play t-ball?  ants on a cupcake, people.  however, when he won the fight, he made me proud by knowing what to do with it.  he almost threw this guy out at first!

after high fiving...

it was time for the most important and most anticipated part of the game...snack time!

afterwards, i told wes and reed to go get in the car while i loaded up all the equipment.  and when i got in the car, i found this....

i guess it's a hot job fighting against your own team in the noon sun!

we rode over to william's field to pick him up.  his game ended in a tie, 6-6.  (i don't know how, either.)  but... he hit a double, and he got 3 outs himself playing 3rd base.  he said, "mom, you really should have seen me today.  i was good!"  ha!  i've seen some of those kids play.  i still think we may have a little ways to go before we get up to the "good" status, but i'm glad he had fun.  next game, i'll be there in person to see all the "good"ness on display!

and this guy will be somewhere nearby playing in the dirt.  with his cleats on.  because you never know when they might need him to go in!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

up, up and away

better late than never!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

swinging is tough

although reed can swing on a regular swing, he's quite attached to his baby swing.  and because of that, it sometimes gets him in trouble when he goes out to push himself.

i may or may not have laughed when i heard from the kitchen, "help me!  i upside down!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a totally normal night at our house

a few nights ago, i told wes to head upstairs.  he stopped at the bottom of the stairs and emptied his pockets on the table.  a few minutes later, i walk by and see...

i just left them there and figured i'd get them on my way down to toss them out in the backyard.  as we are brushing teeth, chase notices them piled up on the table.

chase:  "hey!  did you know that there is a pile of snails on this table down here?"

me:  "yeah."

chase:  "well, is that where you want them?"

me:  "yes, dear husband.  i love the idea of a pile of snails on my entryway table."

so, i didn't really say that.  my mind immediately goes to sarcasm as a first option.

me:  "i'll get them when i come down.  just leave them."

chase:  "you sure?  some of them are mobile."

and sure enough, what i thought was empty snail shells....was not.

i saved that guy from committing suicide.  i guess he thought that would be better than riding around in wes' pocket.

now they are all free and partying it up somewhere in the backyard.  until wes finds them again.

party on, snails.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

the end of my week

a full day in the sun...

a shared milkshake...

an early bedtime...

goodnight, people!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

 and now, please ignore the fact that mary magdalene and the other mary appear to have on do-rags and just enjoy the artistic interpretation from my 6 year old.  

happy easter!