Wednesday, January 21, 2015

we didn't break anything.

our church rented out the bancorpsouth arena tonight.  there were a few decent skaters out there, but for the most part you could tell that we are a bunch of southern folks just trying not to get hurt.  my three are probably going to be a little sore tomorrow, and they will probably find a few bruises in the morning.  but we walked away with no broken bones or stitches, so we'll call it a good night!

getting a little help from daddy...

wes isn't sure...

rhodes, knox, william, and clay

cookie break!

reed finally figured out the safest and easiest way to "skate"....

wes and william getting the hang of it....

it looks all good in the pictures, but don't waste your time looking for us in the winter olympics any time soon!  :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


after these last couple of cold (really cold!) and rainy few weeks, we were so, very thankful for the sunshine this weekend!!!

here's to hoping that it sticks around!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015


what better way to start the new year than with a post about abe.  if you haven't been paying attention, we got abe from the shelter back in april of last year.  it was a rough first month.  well, not for me....he loved me from the beginning.  but he pretty much despised everyone else.  chase was ready to return him.  BUT....we stuck it out, and this little thing (we don't know what he is) came around.  he is everybody's favorite!  

he is only allowed on one chair in the den.  if you sit down, abe is hopping up there with you.  most of the time, he doesn't even need you to be sitting there!

the swing out back....yeah, that's his, too!

he's good at making himself at home...

and helping with homework,

and reading.  abe likes reading!

if chase is putting on his coat, abe is ready to go with him!

he even got his own presents for christmas.

the only strike against him is the living arrangements.  i have always hoped to one day live in a george henson house.  and now this sorry dog beat me to it.  

love you, abe-ster!