Wednesday, November 30, 2016

first grade learning fair

reed had his learning fair about two weeks ago.  he read the book "flat stanley," and then he created his own flat stanley.  after shipping stanley off to utah to spend some time with our friends, the cowards, he came back home with tales of adventures out west and pictures to go along with it!  reed made a scrapbook and a board to go along with his presentation.  out of all the cool places that he visited, reed was most excited that flat stanley got to go to the MSU game at BYU!

reed and henry...

one learning fair down....two to go!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

we're kinda glad it's over!

we are true maroon, but let's be honest...we rode the struggle bus this year!  it's part of being a bulldog, but i'm ready to put this season behind us and move on!!  i know there is still one game left, but our home games are over (and we will not be making the trip to oxford).  so...good-bye to football season!

we had fabulous weather for the games this year!  hot and sunny....just the way i like it!  the good part (in my opinion) about not being any good is that you don't have to play many late games!

these two goofballs ran ahead of us one day on the way back to the car and stopped in front of the library at this bench to read with their "friends."

thankfully we only had to dress like this for one game.  we didn't win it either, but we were prepared and warm!

and now we are moving on to basketball!  go dawgs!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

flu shot winner

flu shots are tough around here.  every year we have a competition to see who can show the least emotion while getting a shot.  every year the same person loses.  bless him....he was crying before we even got there and saying, "i'm going to really try.  i'm going to try hard."

i guess he couldn't try hard enough.

oh well.  there's always next year!!  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

trick or treat

we are still riding high on our ryder cup victory over here, so we didn't look around too hard for costumes!  this year we had rickie fowler, zach johnson, and jordan spieth.

they really like rory, too, but since he wasn't american he didn't make the cut this time!

we loaded up and went door to door with the cordells and came home with way too much candy!  but i did enjoy not freezing while on the trailer this year.  i could handle the weather being this way every year!!

as soon we got home, the sorting began!  reed called dibs on the whoppers and hershey's.  the other two just like any and all of it!!

now on to the all of the chaos that the end of the year brings.  at least we've got enough sugar to get us through!