Wednesday, June 24, 2015

st. louis

we packed up and hit the road a few weeks ago for a road trip to st. louis.  this is the first time that i've been to st. louis, and i hope it's not the last time.  it's a great trip, and it is a fun place.  the little people thought so, too!  

we stopped at the original lambert's on the way there since none of us had ever eaten at one.  the food was good, but lambert's is kind of like vegas.....been there, done that, don't have to ever go again!  ha!  

we had a great room with a pullout a couch in the room next to us.  i put the sheets on sideways, and they all crammed on the couch!  

grant's farm was on the list of things to do, and we did it!  i feel like it was sort of a fancy buffalo park.  we all know my feelings about the buffalo park, but i enjoyed the history part of grant's farm and seeing the budweiser clydesdales!

 waiting on the elephant show...

i refused to get in the cage with those nasty parakeets, but my little people loved feeding them and letting them land all over them.  (meanwhile, i'm going to have nightmares after looking at these pictures again.)

we ate at a place that makes their own root beer called fritz's.  william drank so much root beer so fast that he ended up puking and missed out on the root beer floats.  wes made sure not to miss dessert, however!

we can't go anywhere without checking out the pool.

 we spent a lot of one day at the city museum.  this place alone is worth the drive to st. louis.  i can't even explain properly what it is.  it is a 10 story playground with fun everywhere.  they loved the 10 story slide, the caves, the slides, the climbing structures, the skate park room, and just everything about it.   it was a little strange when a kid would disappear and then pop out of a wall somewhere different, but i eventually got used to that!!  william declared that "this is the best thing i have ever done in life."

public transportation is apparently very entertaining.

they have such a neat area around the ballpark called ballpark village.  we enjoyed walking around there and eating.

and we had the best seats in the house at the game!  we were directly behind home plate at the top of the stands, but you couldn't beat it.  it was in the shade, and you could see it all.  plus, we had a walk off homer in the bottom of the 10th to win it, so we picked a great game to go to!

the science museum was a hit!  feeling clouds...

fingerprint analysis...

and of course we hit up the arch.  it was neat to hear how and why it was built.  the architectural design behind it is pretty amazing!

the view from the top!

the ride up and down was a little disconcerting.  they slam you in these tiny little pods with no window.  and when you have little people saying..."what if the cable breaks?  what if it catches on fire?  you think they'd ever find our bodies?"...well, it makes you happy to have your feet back on the ground!!  ha!   

the mighty mississippi...

so there you have it.  what a fun trip!  if you haven't been to st. louis, you should go and have fun.  we will definitely be back!