Monday, June 30, 2008

my first kinda-sorta haircut

last week, i got asked the question, "how old is she?" this crazy, old lady in the grocery store asked me that about wes even though the kid was decked out in all blue and driving the race car cart through the aisles like a mad man. i mean, come on, woman....can you even see? but when i got home, i made an appointment for him to get his first haircut on friday afternoon. however, by the time we got there, i completely chickened out! i just couldn't bring myself to cut off those blonde curls. so, i let her trim the 4 hairs that fell down in his eyes and called it a day!! i know he didn't get the full meal deal, but he didn't seem to mind at all...a sucker will work some serious magic!



it wasn't a total loss, though, because william got a haircut while we were there. and, although he doesn't like to share his tractor or trucks with his little brother, he didn't mind letting him have a few licks of his sucker. if only it were always like this...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

this is what happens...

at supper time after two days in a row of nap protestation!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the pool

on our way to the pool...

william in a resting float...

wes in a (crooked) resting float...

wes doing his whale impersonation. if his head slightly goes under the water, he sucks it in and spits it out. (and then he gets really mad about it!) look closely!

Monday, June 23, 2008


on saturday morning, we took the little people downtown to play in the fountain at fairpark.

it was a blast...for about 5 minutes. then the playground a few yards away completely took away anything the fountain had going for it!!

the day wouldn't have been complete without a stop on the way home to get a sno-biz!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

happy birthday, candace!

another girls only sushi night took place last night. we were celebrating candace's birthday, and she chose shogun. whohoo! the food was awesome, and the conversation was pretty entertaining as well. we missed those of you who couldn't be there. and just for you, amanda, i took a picture of the amount of food that six of us devoured. (misty wasn't in on the sushiness of the night.)

afterwards, we all went to amy's house for cake and a make-up party. now, anybody that halfway knows me understands that this type of thing is not for me. i wear mascara and chap stick. if i'm going to church or it's a special occasion, i'll throw on a little blush and some lipstick if i'm feeling extra sassy. don't get me wrong....christina did a great job presenting her stuff, but like ginger learned last night....i'm not tempted by that sort of thing. it doesn't matter how good it sounds. now, if she had a party selling running shoes, baseball caps, food, or athletic socks...i'd be all over that! i love me some socks. seriously, i have since changed to the tan appealing ankle sock, but in high school i only had around 43 pairs of crew socks for playing tennis in and 87 pairs of tube socks for playing basketball. i had this thought in my mind that wearing socks (perfectly scrunched, mind you) pulled up to the mid-calf area made my legs look bigger. i was totally going for the big leg look because, well, mine are skinny. and you can't very well intimidate much of anybody with toothpick legs. ok, way off topic, here.

back to the make-up party. i learned several things:
1. our digestive system processes 100 tons of food in a lifetime. that's the size of 20 elephants. we ate one whole elephant at supper last night. yumm-o.
2. amy saves pretty wine bottles and fills them up with water in which to serve water to her guests. leigh ann will start doing this soon.
3. strawberry cake from sugaree's is really good.
4. candace is in need of every item in the make-up magazine.
5. ginger would like to cleanse out her digestive tract on a daily basis. it wouldn't be a problem except that allie and mary elliot would have to plan their own weddings because their mama will still be in the bathroom.
6. i have one heel that is extra, super soft today because of some foot serum that i was only allowed to put on one foot last night. i think that is wrong.
7. whitney can't wear whisper. it just totally wasn't working for her.
8. i don't know the difference between primer and foundation. if i happen to ever have a girl, somebody please come help me.
9. misty wants to go to a basketball/athletic sock party with me.
10. i bought some sunscreen. see....i participated!

i don't know whose birthday is next, but after the meal, we are skipping the make-up and coming back to my house for a sock scrunching demonstration. and, i'll set up some sort of speaker system so ginger can hear me from the bathroom.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

that's amore

wes was still asleep when william woke up from his nap this afternoon. so, the two of us sat on his bed (boat) and scoured the room for dolphins. he jumped off to get his fishing pole because he wanted to catch one, i guess. anyway, when he climbed back up, he climbed right up in my lap and gave me a big, big hug. i hugged him, kissed the side of his face, and told him that i loved him. he grabbed my face with both of his hands, and i felt all gushy and emotional inside as i waited for that big ol' smack that he was about to give me, and......he burped in my face. then he laughed about it. what a way to win a girl's heart. ladies, watch out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

fun with ambien

since my little people are with their grandparents right now and i don't do a very good job of sleeping, i decided to take an ambien last night to get a good dose of sleep. i have never taken one of these little pills before, and it was quite an experience. i have gotten great recommendations and heard horror stories about this sleep remedy, but since i didn't have anywhere to be in the a.m., i thought i'd give it a shot. i realize that i'm not exactly a huge person, so i'm sure that it doesn't affect everyone like this, but...

the package insert states that you should take this pill about 30 minutes before you go to bed. (it should say....swallow pill, get in bed, close eyes, sleep.) anyway, i washed it down at about 930 and then put a few dishes in the dishwasher. then, i headed upstairs to get on the computer for a few minutes. at about 10 til 10, i looked up to find the room spinning. i grabbed a hold of the chair so i wouldn't fall out and tried to finish the MSU football article that i was reading. but, i couldn't scroll down anymore because that would require me to let go of my death grip on the chair and grab the mouse. more reading. next, i tried to decide if i should crawl to the stairs or just slowly ease myself to floor and sleep there for the night. surely, chase would notice at some point that i was missing and come peel me up off of the floor, right? i thought not, so i slowly made my way to the stairs. i thought about trying to scoot down the stairs, but i felt certain that i would break a bone or three. so instead, i yelled for him to come rescue me as i held on to the banister for dear life. after i got down the stairs all in one piece, we both found my state to be rather humorous. so, chase googled "field sobriety tests," and we were cracking up at the fact that i couldn't close my eyes and touch my nose or stand on one foot for any length of time. after i almost took myself out with the door frame, we decided the bed was the best place for me. i did get a good night's sleep, but i think i'll skip the drug-induced euphoria and try to get some natural z's tonight. that is....if i can get to the bed without that door frame attacking me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weekend warriors

shortly after our biscuits and bacon on saturday morning, william asked if we could hook up the slip-n-side and water ring in the backyard. so, i put wes down for a nap a little early and got out the water hoses.

then daddy decided to show off his form...

william was thirsty, and this was quicker than going inside for a capri sun or gatorade.

after wrestling, jumping, and sliding...

we decided that we'd hit the elvis festival downtown. who knew a little podunk carnival could make a kid so happy??

poor wes, this is all he was big enough to ride.

then we headed across the street to check out the fire truck...

although he didn't want to get up in the seat and drive the truck, william was more than happy to wear the hat.

after naps, william washed daddy's truck,

and wes mowed the yard.

then, they took a little break.

when the heat got to be too much to handle, we headed inside to play in a box. (who needs real toys?)

after we went to church on sunday in a new outfit from honey,

we went BACK out in the backyard water wonderland.

we spotted our friends, ben and walt, across the street playing in a sprinkler, so we invited them over to the real thing. they totally moved up in the world with our $6 slip-n-slide and $5 water ring!

since his mama forgot to put a swim diaper on him, walt decided to take part in an activity that didn't require so much water!!

my little people were pooped, and both of them slept until almost 7am on monday morning! maybe i should hook up the water wonderland every day of the year!

Friday, June 6, 2008

summertime fun

when we got back from charleston, we found out that we were the proud owners of a new slip-n-slide. (if i had a clue where the stakes were, it would make for a little smoother ride, but neither of them seemed to mind at all.) william didn't quite know what he was supposed to do with it, but he finally figured it out. wes decided that he didn't need to wait on me to put swimming trunks on him for him to enjoy it.

both of them also started swimming this week. wes is learning how to float and how to grab the "bar" (side of the pool). he's doing great, but his lungs get quite a workout! just drive by the city pool around 11, and you'll be able to hear him! william is back to being a little fish again. he swam all the way across the pool and back today without any help. we're talking about the city pool, here, not just any backyard i think that's a pretty big accomplishment for a 2 year old! i didn't get it on video because i was trying to keep my other child from diving face first into 10 feet of water. but, i did manage to get him doing some swimming. actually, it's mostly floating, but you can get the idea. he likes to just hang out on his back and talk or sing. (of course, you can't hear him in this video because wes is screaming at me since i have him balled up under one arm in order for me to be able to get any video at all!)