Friday, June 6, 2008

summertime fun

when we got back from charleston, we found out that we were the proud owners of a new slip-n-slide. (if i had a clue where the stakes were, it would make for a little smoother ride, but neither of them seemed to mind at all.) william didn't quite know what he was supposed to do with it, but he finally figured it out. wes decided that he didn't need to wait on me to put swimming trunks on him for him to enjoy it.

both of them also started swimming this week. wes is learning how to float and how to grab the "bar" (side of the pool). he's doing great, but his lungs get quite a workout! just drive by the city pool around 11, and you'll be able to hear him! william is back to being a little fish again. he swam all the way across the pool and back today without any help. we're talking about the city pool, here, not just any backyard i think that's a pretty big accomplishment for a 2 year old! i didn't get it on video because i was trying to keep my other child from diving face first into 10 feet of water. but, i did manage to get him doing some swimming. actually, it's mostly floating, but you can get the idea. he likes to just hang out on his back and talk or sing. (of course, you can't hear him in this video because wes is screaming at me since i have him balled up under one arm in order for me to be able to get any video at all!)

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Lance and DK said...

did you look in the outside toy box for the stakes? if they are not there, let me know and i will try to think where i might have put them. i had to take them away from wes. mama