Monday, June 30, 2008

my first kinda-sorta haircut

last week, i got asked the question, "how old is she?" this crazy, old lady in the grocery store asked me that about wes even though the kid was decked out in all blue and driving the race car cart through the aisles like a mad man. i mean, come on, woman....can you even see? but when i got home, i made an appointment for him to get his first haircut on friday afternoon. however, by the time we got there, i completely chickened out! i just couldn't bring myself to cut off those blonde curls. so, i let her trim the 4 hairs that fell down in his eyes and called it a day!! i know he didn't get the full meal deal, but he didn't seem to mind at all...a sucker will work some serious magic!



it wasn't a total loss, though, because william got a haircut while we were there. and, although he doesn't like to share his tractor or trucks with his little brother, he didn't mind letting him have a few licks of his sucker. if only it were always like this...


Lance and DK said...

thank you for leaving the curls for a little longer. they are just to pretty and who cares if he gets mistaken for a girl. he's our little boy and we know him. kakki

Lance and DK said...

too not to--kakki

brandy and bear said...

Hey Laura! This is Brandy (Trebotich) Smith. Your little boys are so cute. I was able to keep up with them when I saw your family at the VA. I am sorry about your grandma. Glad that I found you and we can still keep up!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad that you are chicken