Thursday, June 19, 2008

happy birthday, candace!

another girls only sushi night took place last night. we were celebrating candace's birthday, and she chose shogun. whohoo! the food was awesome, and the conversation was pretty entertaining as well. we missed those of you who couldn't be there. and just for you, amanda, i took a picture of the amount of food that six of us devoured. (misty wasn't in on the sushiness of the night.)

afterwards, we all went to amy's house for cake and a make-up party. now, anybody that halfway knows me understands that this type of thing is not for me. i wear mascara and chap stick. if i'm going to church or it's a special occasion, i'll throw on a little blush and some lipstick if i'm feeling extra sassy. don't get me wrong....christina did a great job presenting her stuff, but like ginger learned last night....i'm not tempted by that sort of thing. it doesn't matter how good it sounds. now, if she had a party selling running shoes, baseball caps, food, or athletic socks...i'd be all over that! i love me some socks. seriously, i have since changed to the tan appealing ankle sock, but in high school i only had around 43 pairs of crew socks for playing tennis in and 87 pairs of tube socks for playing basketball. i had this thought in my mind that wearing socks (perfectly scrunched, mind you) pulled up to the mid-calf area made my legs look bigger. i was totally going for the big leg look because, well, mine are skinny. and you can't very well intimidate much of anybody with toothpick legs. ok, way off topic, here.

back to the make-up party. i learned several things:
1. our digestive system processes 100 tons of food in a lifetime. that's the size of 20 elephants. we ate one whole elephant at supper last night. yumm-o.
2. amy saves pretty wine bottles and fills them up with water in which to serve water to her guests. leigh ann will start doing this soon.
3. strawberry cake from sugaree's is really good.
4. candace is in need of every item in the make-up magazine.
5. ginger would like to cleanse out her digestive tract on a daily basis. it wouldn't be a problem except that allie and mary elliot would have to plan their own weddings because their mama will still be in the bathroom.
6. i have one heel that is extra, super soft today because of some foot serum that i was only allowed to put on one foot last night. i think that is wrong.
7. whitney can't wear whisper. it just totally wasn't working for her.
8. i don't know the difference between primer and foundation. if i happen to ever have a girl, somebody please come help me.
9. misty wants to go to a basketball/athletic sock party with me.
10. i bought some sunscreen. see....i participated!

i don't know whose birthday is next, but after the meal, we are skipping the make-up and coming back to my house for a sock scrunching demonstration. and, i'll set up some sort of speaker system so ginger can hear me from the bathroom.


Lance and DK said...

yes, i remember the socks. i washed every pair, matched them, and folded them just the way you wanted. i know i failled you when it comes to the make-up thing. i just knew that was not a battle i wanted to pick. besides, you are beautiful just the way you are. love, mama

Leigh Ann said...

I'm laughing loud...about to fall out of my chair! I had a great time.

amy said...

Too funny! I am glad that you came last night...your sunscreen will be delivered in 3-4 days :) Can't wait for the sock party!

Candace said... you make me sound like a prissy princess type...:) ha, ha...did you ever wear two different colors of socks stacked and scrunched to match your two different color t-shirts rolled sleves?? I'd love an exercise party...socks are me a copy of that birthday,C

Kathryn said...

I'll have to dig up some of the huge scrunched sock pictures that I have - and we swore that we would never switch to those awful, ugly ankle socks. (I think that's all I own now :-) )

The Ueltscheys said...

so are you going to get the heel cream? it would make your fancy socks feel much better! your comments are cracking me up - didn't know we were all so entertaining!!

Anonymous said...

i've never seen so much food on a table in my life and i am married to a henson and there is always a bunch there. honey

Anonymous said...

have been on vacation and missed your funny blogging. thanks for letting everyone know that i have colon issues. the detox was ordered today. can you babysit in 3-4 days?