Monday, February 27, 2017


wyoming.  that's where i like to go on vacation.  wide open spaces.  few people.  hiking, biking, rafting.  so....when chase asked if i wanted to take our little people to disney world while he went to a conference, my answer was a super quick, "not really!"  however, after thinking about it for a little bit, i changed my mind.  and...i'm glad i did.  they had a blast!!  i need to sleep for about two more weeks, but they loved it!!

on the way...

we stopped for one night on the way.  they were a huge help!

once we got there, we stayed at the boardwalk.  we loved being able to walk to epcot, and the shows on the boardwalk at night were a bonus!  we found out we have a pretty good plate spinner in our midst, and wes is good at tossing balls to get the magician started juggling!

ready to roll!!



designing their cars at test track...

playing around during a rain...

i didn't think they would think too much of world showcase, but i was wrong!  they actually really liked going to each country and walking around.  and i liked walking around and not waiting in a line, so it was a win win.





morocco (wes wanted to eat here for every meal.  he's apparently a big kefta fan!)

making dinosaurs dance while taking a break!

canadian light sabers!

here they are playing in the phone booth in great britian.  they tried to use it to call us, but they messed up and forgot the area code.   then they couldn't "figure out how to cancel it."  seriously.  they didn't know how to HANG UP THE PHONE!  for the record, they didn't know what a "dial tone" was either.  however, they do think it would be really cool to have one of those phones that "just hangs on the wall in your house."  they were just born a few decades too late!!

my little frenchmen.

illumiNations at epcot


dino world

flights of wonder was pretty cool.  i didn't care for the gigantic birds flying right over my head, but it really was a great show!

tree of life

kilimanjaro safari....their favorite animals were the hippos and the fighting nile crocodiles!

i've seen the lion king on broadway and off, and this interpretation of it was so, so good!  it's a miniature cirque show.  we all gave it two thumbs up!

it's tough to be a bug!  we won't discuss who did and didn't freak out completely when the giant spiders came dropping down out of the ceiling.

they only rode everest 4 times!!


swiss family robinson tree house

goofy people

shootin' em up!

 splash mountain

big brother helping littlest brother see the street show

in the stocks

buzz lightyear


sunny day in front of cinderella's castle

this kid ate and ate the entire week.  he finished off ALL of this food and went back for seconds.  growth spurt??!?

piglet and pooh

happy kid on a roller coaster :)

back at thunder mountain


it seems like this park gets a bad rap.  i realize there isn't as "much" to do here, but i love the way it looks.  i guess i'm the weirdo that likes hollywood studios and the world showcase the best!!

 rock 'n roller coaster got ridden a handful of times.  it is by far the best!

tower of terror

i loved eating at 50s prime time cafe.  it was like sitting in my grandmother's house all over again.  she even had that exact hardware on her kitchen drawers.  my kids already love andy griffith, but now they know about dick van dyke and leave it to beaver.  i guess i better find some shows on nick at nite to record!

march of the first order (or something).  i don't pretend to understand this world, but they do!  and they loved their front row seats for these storm troopers and captain somebody!!

the indiana jones stunt show was probably their favorite show of the week.  there were good guys beating up bad guys and tossing them off of buildings, ninjas, whips, and explosions.  what's not to love?

toy story mania

all in all, i'm glad we decided to brave the crowds and take our little people for this experience.   i mean, i was ready to beat up the next person who cut in front of me with a stroller or a motorized scooter (don't get me started on why you would choose to come to the walkingest (new word!!!) vacation on earth WHEN YOU CAN'T WALK, but was all good!!!)  to end, i'll leave you with a few pictures that sum up disney more accurately than any words ever could!

peace out, WDW!!!