Wednesday, September 17, 2014


we like a good competition around here.  first one in the car.  first one up the stairs.  who gets the biggest bunch of grapes at supper.  you know....important stuff.  

so, when we go to the tennis courts it is no different.  we make fairly routine trips to the tennis courts these days, and we always play a game called "jail" before we leave.  there is one winner.  and 4 losers.  and let's be honest....there are usually some tears as well.  winning jail is a big deal around here.  we were passing around one of chase's old SEC trophies, but he got a little concerned that it would get broken.  so, i bought us our very own "henson family jail champion" trophy.  if you win jail, it gets to stay in your room until the next week.  and you can gloat and dance all you want.  we've all been winners.  

and we've all been losers.  some are more gracious than others.  i won't name any names, but there are definitely a few of us who hate to lose!!  i'm hoping that will serve us well in the future.  if not, i'm blaming it on their daddy.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

happy grandparent day!

today is national grandparent day, and we celebrated on friday! poppa, kakki, mamoo, taylor, and virginia (mamoo's sister from denver) came to school to celebrate with the boys.  i think we definitely won with the number of family members present!  ha!

wes and reed sang some songs and made some cards....typical stuff for grandparents.  william had to do a project on a family member.  he chose taylor since he is named after him.  he had to make a speech and a display for his desk about him.

i was very thankful that taylor got to come and see his "shrine!"

this is our family shield that william made in art.  an H, the armor of God, some golf and some mississippi state.  i think he got it all covered!

honey and g were busy celebrating her 29th birthday in charleston, but she came last week for wes' picnic at school.

so along with a happy grandparent day, happy birthday to honey!!

i hope all you grandparents out there have a great day!  trust me, the parents of the grandkids are very thankful for you!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


the first football game of the year wasn't exactly what we had planned.  as we packed the car with towels, changes of clothes, and ponchos.....i was begging to just stay home and dry and watch it on tv.  i lost.  so we drove through the flood to starkville and cheered with all the other crazy people.  thankfully, all my people were more than happy to be in the rain!

even uncle ronnie showed up with a smile.  he was the smart one with his golf rain gear on while the rest of us fought with the ponchos!

and wet or dry, the new stadium is great.  when we walked in the new gate, i couldn't even figure out where i was!  this might not sound right coming from the mouth (fingers?) of a state fan, but it's just so unlike anything else we've ever done.  it really is awesome!  i can't wait to see what they do over at dudy noble!

we put our cowbells to use all night, and thankfully the rain quit right at kickoff.

poor southern was just overmatched.  i felt bad for them.  but we'll take a first win on the season for sure.  UAB is up next this weekend.  and hopefully, i can leave the ponchos and towels at home!