Sunday, September 7, 2014

happy grandparent day!

today is national grandparent day, and we celebrated on friday! poppa, kakki, mamoo, taylor, and virginia (mamoo's sister from denver) came to school to celebrate with the boys.  i think we definitely won with the number of family members present!  ha!

wes and reed sang some songs and made some cards....typical stuff for grandparents.  william had to do a project on a family member.  he chose taylor since he is named after him.  he had to make a speech and a display for his desk about him.

i was very thankful that taylor got to come and see his "shrine!"

this is our family shield that william made in art.  an H, the armor of God, some golf and some mississippi state.  i think he got it all covered!

honey and g were busy celebrating her 29th birthday in charleston, but she came last week for wes' picnic at school.

so along with a happy grandparent day, happy birthday to honey!!

i hope all you grandparents out there have a great day!  trust me, the parents of the grandkids are very thankful for you!

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