Sunday, October 25, 2015

soccer time

thankfully the cold has held off for the most part, and our fall soccer season hasn't been too chilly.  i appreciate that.  if somebody could assure me that it would be like this in the spring, that would be great!!  however, none of mine seem to care.  barefooted in frigid weather seems perfectly acceptable to them!

this is reed's first year to play.  he is very excited to be with the big boys now!


wes and william are on the same team this year!  i do love it when that year comes around that they overlap.  it makes things lots easier!!  


 maybe after a few more years, i'll finally understand the rules of this game. lucky for me, basketball starts up in the next few weeks.  i've got that one under control!!  :)

Monday, October 19, 2015


it's been a busy october!  most all of our weekends have been spent in starkville lately, so i thought i'd throw those pictures in a post along with a few extras and call it a night!  it's sure to be completely random!! 

our football team is looking good sometimes and not so good at other times, but this weirdo is always smiling!

we got to spend one of the home games with our cousins in tow!  it's always fun when these little people get together.

one weekend during an away game, we made a trip to jackson to play the river hills tournament, and we walked away somewhat successful!  william won the 10s...

and wes won the consolation bracket. 

they played together in doubles and won their first tournament together.  they only almost killed each other 3 times!!  but they were all smiles once it was over!!  :)

and let's not forget the 4th kid.  abe got himself a new bed in his house for the cooler weather, and he's pretty excited about it!

i, on the other hand, am in mourning that the 90 degree weather is gone.  time to start looking at the real estate market in key west!!  or go into hibernation.  maybe abe can make room for me in there....

Friday, October 2, 2015

tupelo stone

reed's class took a field trip just down the road yesterday to tupelo stone.  in the process of going through creation, they have learned all about rocks, sand, clay and how each is formed.  these are some smart little people.  (and while i'm at it let me just add that this all boy class has a very patient and super awesome teacher!)  7 little boys and a bunch of rock piles equals all sorts of fun, and she still somehow manages to teach them something!! 

 the funny thing was that i had 5 other older kids in my car during afternoon carpool yesterday that had all been in this class in previous years.  they saw reed's box of rocks that he brought home, and all of them talked about how awesome that field trip was!  who knew a bunch of rocks could make such an impression??!!