Friday, October 31, 2014

holley farms

a few weeks ago, i visited the pumpkin patch for the 482nd time in my life.  but this year, wes and reed went together, so i only had to go to one pumpkin patch.  can i get a high five?!?  this particular farm is my favorite one, so it was fun.  it's a real farm.  you cut your pumpkin off the vine.  it's not tossed out there in the field for you to pick up and peel the wal-mart sticker off of before carving.  true story.  they have fun slides, and mazes.  and they have really good food.  i do love some mexican cornbread, and when they grind their own cornmeal to fix their mexcian just can't get much better than that!

we had everything from 4 year olds to first graders on this trip.  since the classes were divided up between activities, wes (and his class) was kind enough to let reed pretend to be a first grader with them so i could get pictures of the two of them.  he was a great big brother on this trip!

the pumpkin patch field trips stop after the first grade.  i don't know what i'm going to do once reed makes it to second grade!  i might have to drive to fulton anyway just for old times sake and to get a pumpkin.  if nothing else, that mexican cornbread will make the trip worthwhile!  :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

50th day of school

reed's class celebrated the 50th day of school about two weeks ago.  they were all decked out and ready to roll.

they played "oldie" games at school that morning.  his favorite was playing jacks!

then we went to johnnie's drive in before heading to the bowling alley.  it was my first johnnie's experience and my first time to taste a dough burger.  i wasn't impressed, but for the price i could probably talk my kids into loving it!!  ha.  but i'll just stick with a milkshake if i find myself back there again!

the bowling was a little chaotic, but we survived.  no toes or fingers were smashed, and i only had to retrieve two balls that stopped halfway down the lane!  success.

Friday, October 17, 2014

mississippi state is the number one team in the nation.

i just had to type that sentence out.  it's never happened before, and it may never happen again in my lifetime.  (hey, i'm a state fan.  i've learned to be realistic!)  but, but....this week, we are at the top of the heap.  i know everybody else across the nation thinks that all of the bulldog fans are crazy.  however, they just don't understand!  we have been at the very, very bottom of the football pile.  we have walked out of davis wade while dragging our cowbells behind us after losing to maine.  yes, the bears of maine.  did you even know that maine had a football team?  it was not one of our finer moments.  but saturday, after winning the previous weekend on the biggest day in the history of football in mississippi, we beat the #2 auburn tigers.  and now we are #1.  every storm runs out of rain, and it's sunny in starkville, people!!!

as a side note, reed had added a new decoration to the kitchen wall for inspiration.  i may frame it.

college gameday rolled into town (for the first time ever), so we made sure to get to town early.  it was packed!!  i don't know how that little piece of earth held that many people.  it was chaotic.  it was loud.  and, it was perfect!!  i had a picture of us at game day, but it disappeared off of my phone somehow.

anticipation built as we waited out the few hours before the game!

we made it to the front row for the dawg walk before the game.  we got high fives from dak...

and josh robinson...

 and then the real fun began!!

it was the biggest crowd in history...almost 63,000 people....and they all looked as surprised as william when we went up 21-0 in the first quarter!!

it had to be the longest football game in the history of ever.  i don't know how cbs managed to drag it out like they did, but they did.  it ended up raining for a little bit, and we all got wet.  but, when you win the biggest game ever in school history, a little wet doesn't matter a bit!!  the crowd was crazy, and i happened to be with the happiest birthday boy in the world at that moment!

nobody wanted to leave the stadium!

we have watched the replay 4 times, wes can tell you each play of the entire game in the order that they happened, and the game has been played out numerous times in our front yard since saturday!

and, even siri knows who the best team is if you ask!

it's a little surreal.  we've been on the cover of sports illustrated for two weeks in a row.  espn talks about us.  it's on the front page every day.  you can't get on the internet without seeing a new article.  other schools want our coach.

little, ol' mississippi state has showed up at the party.  we might be a little late, and it may not be for long, but we sure are enjoying it while it lasts!  go dawgs!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


well saturday was billed as the biggest day in mississippi football history.  and it lived up to the hype!  we left the house at the crack of dawn and got to campus bright and early!  the little people went over to check out the crazy tailgate truck, and they tried to get a glimpse of tim tebow and the SEC nation crew!

the cousins came up for this game and tailgated with us, so reed and sam got some play time in.

these are our nervous faces!!  we can't help but be nervous even if we are up 48-17!!  ha!

but, we pulled it out and beat #6 texas A&M.  the atmosphere was great, the cowbells were loud, and since it wasn't a night game we got to hang out afterwards and watch ole miss beat alabama while finishing off all the food at our tailgate!

i'm not sure how it went down at your house, but it was definitely maroon sunday at ours!!

to top it off, the polls came out after lunch.  mississippi state is #3.  (and so is ole miss!  has that ever happened before?)  i'm a big fan, but i do have to admit that it looks strange seeing our name up there by #3!  now we are getting re-energized and fired up for #2 auburn and ESPN's college gameday this saturday!  what a fun season this has shaped up to be!  way to go, dawgs!  and while i'm at it....way to go, mississippi!  we are always last in everything, but for one day in october we (state and ole miss)  made the rest of the nation pay attention!!  hopefully, we'll do the same next weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2014

soccer is back!

soccer season is back in full swing.  i still don't understand this sport, but i spend two nights a week on the sidelines watching a bunch of little people run all over that field!!  the birthdays didn't fall correctly this year, so william and wes are on two different teams.  and, reed is totally happy playing in the ditch behind the fields.  for now!  :)

this game really seems to have "clicked" for wes this year.  he understands a lot more, and he isn't afraid to get in there and go after the ball.  he's never been afraid to throw his body around, and most of the time i think he needs full pads on!  but, it's been fun to watch him come alive this year!

a cold front is coming through tomorrow.  i'm talking about 70 degrees.  it's already 15 degrees colder at that soccer complex (i wish somebody could explain this phenomenon to me), so i've got to go break out the long underwear before our games this next week!  no problem...i'll just take my fleece blanket and huddle up with reed while we cheer on the buffaloes.  and the white team.  yes...the white team.  we are quite fancy!  go, buffaloes!  go, white!