Friday, October 3, 2014

soccer is back!

soccer season is back in full swing.  i still don't understand this sport, but i spend two nights a week on the sidelines watching a bunch of little people run all over that field!!  the birthdays didn't fall correctly this year, so william and wes are on two different teams.  and, reed is totally happy playing in the ditch behind the fields.  for now!  :)

this game really seems to have "clicked" for wes this year.  he understands a lot more, and he isn't afraid to get in there and go after the ball.  he's never been afraid to throw his body around, and most of the time i think he needs full pads on!  but, it's been fun to watch him come alive this year!

a cold front is coming through tomorrow.  i'm talking about 70 degrees.  it's already 15 degrees colder at that soccer complex (i wish somebody could explain this phenomenon to me), so i've got to go break out the long underwear before our games this next week!  no problem...i'll just take my fleece blanket and huddle up with reed while we cheer on the buffaloes.  and the white team.  yes...the white team.  we are quite fancy!  go, buffaloes!  go, white!

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