Friday, June 29, 2012

7, 5, & 3

all of my boys have summer birthdays.  this year, mama wised up and had one birthday party.  for all of them.  together.  at the same time.  yes...i am that mom.  you can call me cheap or lazy if you want to.  it was 100 degrees outside,  and the inside of the skating rink was a perfect 70.  i call that smart!!  also, it was a "no girls" party.  (i will remind them of how they felt about girls when the teenage years hit.)

per their request, we had 3 different cakes.  william chose captain america.  wes chose transformers.  reed chose angry birds.  all of their friends were kind enough to sing "happy birthday" 3 different times so each could blow out their own candles!

i had to show a few pics from the dance off/wipeout.  it was hysterical watching them "dance."

braxton took home the trophy.  he's got some moves!

we came home and took showers before we let them tear into the truckload of presents.  it was like christmas at our house all over again.  i still haven't gotten the den back in order.  but that's ok because did i mention that i got all 3 parties over with at once?!?!  :)  happy birthday william, wes, and reed!!