Sunday, June 24, 2012

relocation 2012

chase is adamant that a vacation with little people is no vacation.  it's a relocation.  seeing as how i always come home from "vacation" more tired than when i left...i might have to agree with him.  but nonetheless, we still had a blast on our relocation this year.

we made sure to hit the beach as soon we got there since rain was in the forecast the next day.

and then we hit up the steamer for some grilled shrimp and crab legs.  reed got the hang of the pliers!

that was followed by sunset beach time (we were worried about rain, remember?), followed by the first of many popsicles.

the weather turned out to be great, and we had nothing to worry about.  we got in plenty of beach and pool time during the week.

we got in plenty of playtime as well.  we made sure to do the most important thing when you go the beach....race cars!

william and wes were even tall enough to drive their own this year!  and they took that job very seriously!

we got a few pics before supper one night...

and then after eating alligator...

we held an alligator! (so sad we didn't have our swamp people t-shirts on for this pic!)

we also made it to the putt putt course this year!  we let everyone keep their own score.  reed won.  he had 18 holes-in-one!  go figure.

the very last afternoon we were there, we took the boys on a pirate cruise.  william and wes loved it.  reed would've been fine staying at the condo!  he wasn't tall enough to see over the side of the ship, so we had to hold him.  and by the end of a 2 hour cruise, he was lying on the deck bored out of his mind. the other two got to defend the boat in a gun fight (with every other ship we passed), get their face (or arm) painted, get dressed up (or not), play limbo, search for the dude that stole the gold, drink pirate juice, have a water gun fight and even drive the ship.  a great time was had by them.  after 2 hours of bouncing with the waves and listening to the jake and the neverland pirates soundtrack...i was ready to jump ship, however!  but they really did have fun!  if you have boys, you should definitely look into it!

i'm tired just reliving it through this post, but i'll leave with my favorite picture of the trip.

long live relocation 2012!


Paper Pregnant said...

You always have the best blog posts. I'm glad you guys had fun on relocation and got home safely. Love the last pic!

Edi said...

How much fun! Poor Reed, not being able to over the ship. Bless his little heart. Such great photos of all of y'all!

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Bonnie John said...

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