Thursday, June 21, 2012

it comes to an end.

baseball season has come and gone.  we finished up this week.  thankfully we got through this year without any REALLY hot ballgames!  that's a huge plus to the mama who spends many nights out at the ballfields with a two year old in tow.  in fact...most games i let reed eat himself through the game or play with my phone.  he took this pic at one of the games, and it cracks me up.  it totally defines his life right now.  sitting on the side of a field with his feet propped up (he wears his cleats just in case they need him to go in)...

wes has been finished for a few weeks.  he had a great first year of ball capped off by a trophy.  it was definitely the highlight of the season!

william's team was, well....the bad news bears.  i can't think of any other way to describe them.  after the very first practice, we were pretty sure that we may not win a single game this year.  but, they proved us wrong.  i don't know what their record was because i can't keep up, but they didn't lose too many.  maybe 3 games?  he got a coveted trophy at the end of the year as well!  (best pic i got...sorry!)

and then....the director's cup arrived.  i'm just going to go ahead and say it out loud (because i know that either you've thought it yourself or you are one) parents are CRAZY.  i realize that you want your kid to do well when he plays, but get over yourself.  let him have fun.  he's going to mess up.  quit yelling at him.  he's only crying because you embarrass him and make him feel bad.  i'd cry too if my mama/daddy/grandmama yelled some of the stuff at me that i heard on the baseball field.  i'd cry if i was the umpire that got the f-bomb dropped on him at A 6 YEAR OLD baseball game.  well probably not...i'd probably have given that woman a piece of my mind.  there's a difference between helpful and hurtful.  i'm afraid that you don't know the difference!  how about yelling encouraging stuff to your kid?  how about not yelling mean things at the other kids on YOUR team that aren't your own children?  it's ridiculous, really.  you've had your chance to play sports...or maybe you sucked at it and now you are just trying to live through your child.  i don't know what the problem is, but it's his turn.  let him have his turn, and leave him alone to have fun!!!

i think i got off topic.  where was i?  yes...the director's cup.  this was just the end of the year tournament, but these kids thought it was the world series.  (as did some parents)  anyway, they stepped up their game big time!  we had kids catching balls that have never caught balls.  we had kids hitting home runs that never have before.  before we knew it, we had won two games (we got a bye the first round), and we were in the "championship."  i say that because these kids took it seriously, and they told everyone that this was the "championship."  it was a great game.  we hit the ball better than we ever have, and the other team played great, too.   it was just a fun game to watch.  william even hit a home run.  but even that got downplayed because they were just happy to call themselves the "champions!"

it was a fun way to end this season, but i'm happy for the break.  i need some time to work on my obscenities and hand gestures before next season.  or maybe i'll just get myself some xanax.  :)

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