Tuesday, June 26, 2012


once upon a time, i was doing rotations to end my last year of pharmacy school.  i strategically planned this one rotation at the vet school at MSU during the end of basketball season.  it was fabulous.  the basketball...not the veterinary medicine.  i honestly don't remember much of what i learned because no one since then has asked me to recommend an antibiotic for their dog or horse.  (you don't use it, you lose it, right?!?)  anyway, after spending days in the OR with an injured horse (the horse OR is pretty awesome...it's like an operating room for giants), on rotation with vet students, or just playing with the pups....i got to go home and grab a bite to eat before heading to the hump to watch whichever SEC team was coming into town that week.  except it wasn't my home.  i was married and lived in jackson.  i lived with a couple that we've been friends with for a long time.  they had a pool.  they had a lab that loved to go for long runs.  (and by long...i'm talking like 3 miles.  3 miles is way long for me, people.)    they lived not far off of campus.  i was loving it.

another thing i had was a roommate.  you see...this married couple had two extra bedrooms.  one for me, and one for this other guy.  i don't remember why he was living with them at the time, but maybe he was in between apartments or something.  who knows?  this guy happened to be one of chase's best friends, and we'd known each other for years.  but when you live together for 6 weeks, you tend to get to know each other a little better!!  you also have no problem beating on his locked door and screaming at him to just turn off his alarm and just get up already!!  why do people feel the need to let alarms scream at them?  especially if those alarms are marvin gaye singing at 530am.  he's married now.  maybe i should pray for her!  :)

fast forward almost a decade later.  metz is the best tennis coach around.  he is one of the most fun people to be around...whether it's on a tennis court or not.  mix that with his mad teaching skills, and little kids can't help but have fun.  william and wes got a taste of that this past week.  wes has the attention span of a fruit fly (i'm going to start praying for his kindergarten teacher right now), but even he was out there giggling and having fun.  and i'm going to give the little guy some props...he's a got a pretty good little forehand.  until he spots a grasshopper outside the fence that needs to be played with.

even reed hit a ball or two.  this kid thinks he's not 2.

i'm trying to talk metz, his wife, and their little boy into moving in with us.  i'm also trying to talk chase into building a tennis court on the lot next to our house.  i'll provide the food in order to see this every day!

but i'm buying him an alarm clock to use.  i don't think i'm ready to introduce marvin gaye to the little people just yet!

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