Tuesday, January 31, 2017


i found this at the bottom of wes' backpack.  i guess it was something that they worked on around martin luther king's birthday.  if only the rest of the world could heed the words of a 9 year old...

boys in the hood!  i looked out one day to find a war going on.  and in case you have boys and one day might build a fence....there is no sense in putting in a gate.  gates don't get used.  it makes much more sense to just climb over the whole thing.  every time.

reed likes to read the sports page while he's eating breakfast.
reed: "look, mama.  tcps is 4th in their division."
me:  "that's good."
reed:  "well, not really.  there's only 6 people in their division."

Monday, January 30, 2017

saturday in starkville

a few weekends ago, we went to what (apparently) was the last basketball game of the year in which our team is going to play well.  the wheels seem to be falling off at the moment, but this game against A&M was really fun!  both teams played really well, and we won!  plus, the hump was relatively full, so it was good to hear it get loud again!

the little people were happy to find a cousin inside!!

here's to hoping they get it going again before the SEC tournament gets here!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

our jack-o-lantern

reed's teeth are falling out at an alarming rate over here.  we call him our jack-o-lantern.

if only that sorry tooth fairy could remember and keep up!  why is it so hard???

reed: "mama, i put my tooth in the pillow last night, but you forgot to come get it."
me: *sighing while thinking to myself that there is not another person on the planet who has a harder time remembering to be the tooth fairy*
reed: "that's ok.  i left it there, so you can try again tonight."

at this point, i believe the writing is on the wall.  shouldn't i just reach into my wallet to give him a dollar and be done with it?  oh well, we're all good at some things, and being the tooth fairy is not one of my good things.  and i have a cute jack-o-lantern to remind of it!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

best flu ever

we had the flu around here a few weeks ago.  well, 2 out of the 3 had the flu.  but, don't feel bad for us...it was super quick!  they felt bad for about 5-6 hours, and then they were a little tired for a few days afterward.  it was the best flu ever!!

wes didn't feel that bad the next morning, but his hair sure took a beating!

reed managed to sleep his flu away!

and then...he just couldn't stay awake the following two nights while trying to watch basketball.

i'll take this flu over the stomach bug any day!!  high five for flu shots!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

gabriel's oboe

we started off the year with a bang!  william and 3 buddies from church worked hard over the holidays to perfect their rendition of "gabriel's oboe" for the offertory at church.  it was pretty cool to watch them work together when they were practicing.  this was the first time that william has ever played WITH anyone, and it took some learning how to count and figure out the violins!!  they all had pencils out telling each other what to do on this measure or that measure and making notes on their music.  their hard work paid off!  they didn't miss a note the sunday that they performed it!!  i'm still so proud of each of them!

william, clay cordell, william bradford, and tripp hardin

i can't wait for the next performance!!