Tuesday, September 29, 2015

back at it

football has arrived, and we have spent the last few saturdays cheering on the bulldogs.  one game was hot, one game was not, and most of the rest of them were really late!!!  i know we get money from the t.v. people and all that jazz, but oh my goodness....don't they know that we don't like the games that start at 8:30 and beyond?!  could somebody please tell espn and cbs and whoever else is in charge that we do actually like to sleep?  remember those 11am JP games that we used to have?  i guess i'm the only one that liked those!! 

oh well, sleep or not, these guys are always happy to ring their cowbells!

one more away game, and then we have three weeks in a row of home games.  maybe at least one of them will start before bedtime!  go dawgs!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

his first art showing

wes' artwork was chosen to hang on the wall of fame at lifeway this week.  each grade had a topic, and a few from each were chosen.  we went by for a viewing (is that what you call it?  i'm quite obviously not an insider in the art world) on saturday morning.  i have to admit...that wall did look pretty neat with all the different grades' pictures lined up.  and i had a happy artist to pose in front of it!

way to go, wes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

tennis season

soccer season is upon us, so our tennis season is about to come to a close.  this was our first summer to play tennis, and lots of fun was had by all.  william played in a few tournaments, and both william and wes played team tennis.  poor reed just hung out wherever we went! 

team tennis was a new concept for me.  we didn't have this when we were little, but it's a cool idea.  i got to play the part of "coach," and it was pretty fun to try to help them on changeovers.  some are more into it than others, and some are better listeners than others!  ha! 

this was the smile after wes' very first singles match (and win).  

talking with his opponent on the way back to the scorer's table.  i was behind them listening to them talk about how it was better to play singles than to have to play doubles with your brother!  (we're gonna have to work on that one!)

while we were at the state tournament, i got to see my college best friend.  now it's our turn to sit back and watch our kids play!

boys and girls at this age aren't stellar at communication with each other.  at all.  mixed doubles is a little hard when you aren't used to speaking to girls.  but we finally got a high five out of william and maggie!


we came in third in our bracket.  i thought that was a pretty good showing for us as first timers!

william also played in a few tournaments.  it was really hot, but it was fun.  and there was a little success thrown in there toward the end of the summer. 

he and his cousin, hunter, played doubles together a time or two.  they make a really good team, and they make each other laugh.  that's always a good combo on the court!  they perfected their one finger high fives, and they had one good run that lasted until 10pm one night (waaaayyyyy past our bedtimes)!  they made it through three matches to come away with 1st place.  that was a first for both of them, so they were pretty pumped!

and let's not forget about the little guys.  reed and parker (hunter's brother) mastered the art of keeping themselves busy hitting balls off the wall and even drumming up people to play them in doubles.  at least they look fierce!

we may play in one or two more tournaments this fall, but it's about time dust off our shin guards.  and, i'll have to go find my thermal underwear.  there is no colder place on the planet than the soccer fields.  i will definitely be counting down the days until next summer!