Thursday, September 30, 2010

please tell me you've done this

in an effort to get to the pharmacy before it closed at 6, we left out of the house in a hurry.  i had to take all of my people with me because my husband is laid up on the floor unable to move due to an errant golf swing.  or something.  when reed climbed up in the fireplace, chase wasn't going to be able to stop the crew went with me. 

in boxers and crocs...

and i drove extra carefully so i wouldn't have to explain to mr. police officer why i can't provide clothes for my children. 

i'm not the only one with naked kids in the car....right?!?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy birthday to my peeps

today is an important day.  this is jessica.

 she was my suite-mate in college.  and now she is old along with the rest of us.  i wonder if things are the same now as they were then now that she has a few years on her...

 *  you always knew when it was her turn in the shower because she'd have the music blaring.
*  she was forever losing things.
*  if an object made it into her car....there is no way another human was going to find it....consider it gone! i often wondered if i would make it out of the car alive. 
*  she always tried to talk to me before breakfast (when she could actually get up and ready in time for breakfast) and was always met with a furrowed brow and my "are you insane?" look.  never stopped her from trying, though! 
*  we once hid a camera and got her dancing for about 20 minutes straight.  where in the world is that video?
*  she set me up on a date to a mississippi state basketball game with her boyfriend.  apparently, she was drunk that night?!?  (and yes...i sure as heck went.  i'm not turning down a basketball game!)
*  she was my anatomy lab partner.  we dissected a pig named petey.  i took the lenses from petey's eyes and lovingly placed them on her pillow.  i'm pretty sure she never forgave me for that. 
*  i know that deep down she wishes i was around to decorate her room with streamers and balloons this year for her birthday!

see that other girl in the white t-shirt?  that's amber.  she helped blow up all those balloons.  i can't remember if she blew up any for herself, but she should have because tomorrow is her birthday.  old fogey.  

but heck, she started falling apart long before the rest of us.  didn't stop her from going out and getting her groove on though.

apparently, jessica and i weren't going to the same function she was.  or either we were going extremely casual.   i wouldn't put that past me.  and i'm just gonna guess that not much has changed with this girl.

*   she never talked in the morning until we were walking to breakfast.  we got along great.
*  she was always up for a weekly trip to "the hat" for some mexican.  i still wish she lived with me in that regard.
*  she was always successful at breaking curfew.  even if that meant crawling in our window.  thankfully we had a first floor room!
*  she now has to sleep with the closet door closed.
*  although, i'm guessing she no longer has a ben affleck poster on the door to say goodnight to.  
*  my music tastes were broadened because of her.  you could hear that white camry thumping several miles away.  
*  i "helped" her through chemistry, and she "helped" me through accounting.  fair trade! 
*  she is a swamp rat.  we tried and tried to get a little mississippi to rub off on the south florida chick.  we came close a time or two.... 

 *  but i don't think it worked.  her cow pasture, 4-wheeler riding days are long gone as she is now back in south florida.  and probably very happy being there because did you check out the white high-tops on mandy in those pictures?!?  she probably wants to get as far away as she can!!  :)

you both know there is so much more that i could write about each of you, but i'm not sure the blog-o-sphere needs to be enlightened about such details!  thanks so much for the awesome memories at college, and i hope you both have great birthdays!!   party hard, but make sure y'all are in bed by 10pm.  mornings are rough on old people!

Monday, September 27, 2010

a fun one

we finally got to leave starkville this weekend after a fun game!  if you are a mississippi state fan, you take what you can get!! 

we had an afternoon full of food, cousins, jumpy things, birthdays, cupcakes, cornhole, parachuters (is that a word?) and hot weather!!  and that win made it that much sweeter! 

hopefully, we can do the same thing again this weekend.  but maybe it'll be a few degrees cooler! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

the nest

wes didn't want to take a nap.  well, i take that back...he didn't want to take a nap in his bed.  whatever.  i wasn't in the mood to argue.  so i let him sleep in my bed.  and when i went back to peek in on him to make sure he wasn't actually destroying my room, i found this...

it's obviously much more fun to sleep in a "nest" of pillows.  whatever works. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st homework

william brought home an assignment on friday afternoon which was to make a poster all about himself.  it wasn't due until the following friday, but he was begging to do it 3 seconds after he walked in the door.  (i wish the over-achieving genes could be split evenly among my children.)  anyway, since i don't regularly keep poster board and crafty stuff at my house, his poster-making adventure had to be put on hold...for 24 hours, at least!! 

after a wal-mart run on saturday, he finally got to make his poster on saturday afternoon.  homework on a saturday afternoon.  (i blame the nerdy genes on his daddy.)  nonetheless, he had the BEST time putting this thing together!  he was humming and just doing his own thing at the kitchen table.  he didn't want me to come near it.  hopefully, his teacher has been around him long enough to notice the OCDness and realize that he really did do his own homework (minus the captions under the pictures). 

so there you have it.  william summed up on a poster board.  hopefully the enthusiasm for homework stays around through high school!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i don't really care much for feet.  but it's funny how much somebody's feet can tell you about them.  are they athletic?  do they pamper their feet?  do they not care at all?  do they stand on their toes all the time?  are they complete clones of their daddy?  do they have some strange habit where they curl their toes up underneath them while they are sitting down?  do they have quite possibly the fattest feet in the world?

my kids fit in some of these categories.  i don't know why i took pictures of their feet, but each picture just tells me so much about that kid without ever seeing their face!!

thankfully, i left the two big people's feet out of the pictures.  the athletic/not caring at all categories fit us well.  you're welcome!

Friday, September 17, 2010

technology is pretty cool.

think back for a minute...did your kindergarten teacher ever take pictures with her phone and send them to your mom on her phone?!?

it's not an everyday occurrence or anything, but it's neat to be able to see what my kid is doing in the middle of the morning.   today, he was looking cute with all of his MSU friends. 

pretty cool if you ask me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

does this happen at your house?

you sit down to pee.  you feel somebody staring at you.  you look over and see....woody.

and then you reach over to get some toilet paper and that tom hanks voice belts out, "hey, howdy, hey!!"  

i mean, really??  i'm used to having people in the bathroom when i pee.  now i even have plastic people.  you might want to look around the bathroom at my house before you sit down!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's tough being 3.

when you get out some underwear after your shower, it's just hard to tell which is the front and which is the back.  

i guess the ability to decode that (or the ability to tell that the fit just isn't right) comes around age 4.  we hope. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

they really are messed up.

a few days ago, i had one of those cock-your-head-to-side-what-in-the-world-are-they-thinking-moments when i looked out in the yard and saw this.

me:  "why are the tractors upside down?"
wes:  in a totally nonchalant, you big ol' idiot voice..."we were going tractor-tipping."  

it's safe to say that the movie, cars, is a little too embedded in their brains.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the boss

i walked in the kitchen a few days ago to find out who is really in charge around here. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010


chase likes to leave us for several hours every weekend ( doesn't even have to be a weekend.  there just has to be sunshine) to head to the golf course.  what he doesn't realize is that while he is at the golf course, we are in the backyard doing this.

 and with my help, we are getting seriously close to having children who are capable of playing WITH him for those several hours every weekend.  hallelujah!!

"it's gonna happen, daddy.  i'm coming with you...and i'm bringing my 2 brothers with me!"


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day

after watching william go to school for a month now, wes finally got to start school yesterday morning!  and hoppy, the frog, got to go to school too!

it was a little weird for me to only have one kid in the front hanging out the window waiting to be dropped off!

when i picked him up, he reported that he had a good day...complete with painting, sliding on the playground, and goldfish AND teddy grahams.  this kid is always going to tell you about the food that was served!  and since they served 2 of his favorites, i think he'll be ready to go back on thursday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

lunch sometimes so exhausting, i just can't even keep my eyes open to finish my breadstick.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

it's that time of year,

and when it's only 80 degrees and we come away with a's that much better!!  (pictures are courtesy of my camera phone, so if they are blurry...blame apple.)

we got to stuff ourselves full of food and drink... 

play, play, and play some more...

get high fives from all of the football players at the walkthrough...

ring our cowbells (despite the new rules that told us not to)...

and share in the excitement of a dominating win with 56,000 other friends...

go dawgs!

Friday, September 3, 2010

swim team

swim team starts next week.  william has no idea what he's in for.

but that doesn't matter.  he's super excited!!  i, on the other hand, can't think of anything except scuba steve with him wearing those speedo shorts and fins!!