Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st homework

william brought home an assignment on friday afternoon which was to make a poster all about himself.  it wasn't due until the following friday, but he was begging to do it 3 seconds after he walked in the door.  (i wish the over-achieving genes could be split evenly among my children.)  anyway, since i don't regularly keep poster board and crafty stuff at my house, his poster-making adventure had to be put on hold...for 24 hours, at least!! 

after a wal-mart run on saturday, he finally got to make his poster on saturday afternoon.  homework on a saturday afternoon.  (i blame the nerdy genes on his daddy.)  nonetheless, he had the BEST time putting this thing together!  he was humming and just doing his own thing at the kitchen table.  he didn't want me to come near it.  hopefully, his teacher has been around him long enough to notice the OCDness and realize that he really did do his own homework (minus the captions under the pictures). 

so there you have it.  william summed up on a poster board.  hopefully the enthusiasm for homework stays around through high school!!

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Anne Flanagan said...

You crack me up...."nerdy genes". Something tells me that Wes is not going to be like his big brother in this category.