Thursday, September 16, 2010

does this happen at your house?

you sit down to pee.  you feel somebody staring at you.  you look over and see....woody.

and then you reach over to get some toilet paper and that tom hanks voice belts out, "hey, howdy, hey!!"  

i mean, really??  i'm used to having people in the bathroom when i pee.  now i even have plastic people.  you might want to look around the bathroom at my house before you sit down!


Leigh Ann said...

love it! you are going to miss that one day:)

Lance and DK said...

same way at my house after the boys leave. there are little surprises, usually in the form of match box cars. last night i found two view master reels under the carpet by the couch. makes my heart feel all gooey when i find my surprises. mama/kakki