Sunday, September 22, 2013


reed's class just finished a section on manners.  aside from the "please, thank you, and yes ma'ams," they went over how to eat at the table and how to treat girls.  they finished off the week with a cotillion on friday.

after a "dinner party," i watched reed walk up to a girl and say, "chloe, may i please have this dance with you?" reed is not a fan of girls, so i was pretty surprised he went through with this.  but he does like dancing, so i guess the good outweighed the bad for him!!

there are more girls than boys in his class, so he had several partners!  Eva was his second partner.

and after each dance, he would walk the girl back to her seat and pull out her chair for her.  he struggled a little with the pushing it back in part!!  ha!

his last partner was elizabeth.  for someone who professes to not like girls, i think it looks like he's having a pretty good time!

but i don't care if i don't see pictures like these for another 12 or so years! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013


for the first time ever, i have two kids on the same park and rec team!  it's a fabulous thing to only have one practice/one game.  i'm not exactly a big soccer fan, but i am enjoying that part of it at least!!  

wes is a little more into it than william.  he will happily jump up in the middle of a bunch of kids and start kicking!

and he enjoyed the trash talking with his buddy, clay!

william is a little more gun shy out there, but he's coming around!  (and i still have no idea how to operate my camera at night, so i know the pics are blurry.  i'll take any tips anybody wants to give me!)

the coach has to stop every once in a while and make sure we all know which goal is ours!  and we still sometimes get confused!!  :)

so even though i still don't know the rules (and i don't think it really matters because it mostly looks like a tightly packed herd of wild animals chasing a ball around), i will happily sit in my chair on the sideline and cheer for an hour.  ONE hour.  i sure do love this same team business!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

that time of year again...

well it was only a little bit warm outside, but we survived the first home game of the year without completely melting!  

we stopped by the kappa sig house for a bathroom break on the way to our tailgate.  it's 2013, and in case you are wondering....frat houses still stink.  but i did like this picture of the past and the future!!  

pre-game fuel...

the littles....

putting the cowbells to use again!

it wasn't exactly an SEC opponent, but it was nice to be able to cheer for a well-played game by the bulldogs.  and the alcorn state band did not disappoint at halftime!!  :)  now we just have to re-group and get ready for the next one.  

go dawgs!