Friday, September 20, 2013


for the first time ever, i have two kids on the same park and rec team!  it's a fabulous thing to only have one practice/one game.  i'm not exactly a big soccer fan, but i am enjoying that part of it at least!!  

wes is a little more into it than william.  he will happily jump up in the middle of a bunch of kids and start kicking!

and he enjoyed the trash talking with his buddy, clay!

william is a little more gun shy out there, but he's coming around!  (and i still have no idea how to operate my camera at night, so i know the pics are blurry.  i'll take any tips anybody wants to give me!)

the coach has to stop every once in a while and make sure we all know which goal is ours!  and we still sometimes get confused!!  :)

so even though i still don't know the rules (and i don't think it really matters because it mostly looks like a tightly packed herd of wild animals chasing a ball around), i will happily sit in my chair on the sideline and cheer for an hour.  ONE hour.  i sure do love this same team business!  

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