Saturday, December 31, 2016

christmas chicken biscuits

the little people receive a gift card in their stockings every year for chicken biscuits from chick-fil-a.  they love a breakfast at chick-fil-a more than just about anything.  so...this will definitely not be a tradition that stops anytime in the near future!  our chick-fil-a is being torn down on january 1st to rebuild it into a fancier one and will be closed for 4 months.  (i'm not sure how we will survive.  wes has already asked me if we can please stop at chick-fil-a if we are in a town that has one.  hmmm.  we might go too much.)  anyway, we had to get on it this year and make sure we got our christmas chicken biscuits before the construction shut us down!

so now that we have had our christmas chicken biscuits, we are officially ready for the new year!  happy new year's eve, and good-bye 2016!

Friday, December 30, 2016

fa la la

christmas day has come and gone, and new year's eve is staring us in the face!  i'm excited.  i love when all the decorations get put back up in the attic and normalcy returns!  however, we had fun while it lasted, and i do actually have a few pics to show for it!

they know they can't come down until i get a pic of them at the top of the stairs on christmas morning!

lots of smiles!

wes really enjoys shopping for other people.  my dad is the flashlight man.  he is always giving them a flashlight/headlamp/something with a light.  so wes bought him an LED light that fits on his keychain.  he was super excited about his purchase!

flying the drone...

barefoot and in shorts on christmas day.  hello, mississippi!

people pictures....
i'm not sure how much fun my grandparents have at our house.  i'm sure they go home and talk about how loud and goofy we all are, but we are happy that mamoo and taylor can still celebrate with us!  and our crazy dog seems to know when we are taking pictures.  he manages to get in each picture and pose perfectly!!

bye-bye, christmas!  see you next year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

twas the week before christmas

we went to jackson the weekend before christmas to get the holidays started with all the henson peeps.  i never get out my camera enough, but there were lots of hyped up little people, one crazy uncle, and two dogs!

these happy dak fans have some new wall decorations for their rooms!  (see that crazy uncle in the background?)

reed has been wanting a US quarter collection book for over a year.  he got into studious mode when he opened it!

wes loves his new body pillow.  this is the one kid around here that enjoys sleep!!

no christmas would be complete without legos!

i know that i'm behind the times, but my sister-in-law got me caught up by giving me a spiralizer!  we have loved it.  wes thinks it's his.  he made apple chips for breakfast!

and he made our zucchini noodles for supper.  i was skeptical, but y'all...zucchini noodles are awesome!  they are so much quicker than pasta, and they are healthy.  score!   plus, i like the little bit of crunch!

wes turned into little emeril over the holidays!

he took his baking seriously.

it paid off!  his grasshopper pie was a hit!  obviously, we balanced out the healthy benefits of zucchini noodles with pie!

while wes was busy cooking, william spent some time in the delta at deer camp with my dad and came away successful.

abe was routinely turned into a reindeer, and he was not too happy about it.  he would get downright embarrassed with those antlers on his head!

reed got his turn in the kitchen when daddy whipped up a batch of boiled custard.  it takes over an hour of constant stirring, so everybody got put to work!

we spent a night at the hump (my favorite) watching our bulldogs not play that well.  however, we walked away with a win and a pic with the egg bowl trophy.

we are making the most of christmas break!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016

set it out, and they will come

on a whim in barnes and noble the other day i bought a 1000 piece puzzle.  i'm going to have to do that more often (or find somebody who has some sitting around that they will let me borrow)!!  i came home and got out one of our lego boards (the edges are built up slightly) and set it on our coffee table, dumped out the pieces, and the rest took care of itself!  it was so much fun to watch everybody walk through the den and stop to find a piece or two...or just sit down and work for a while...or watch basketball for a bit then work on the puzzle for a bit.

we were all pretty proud of our completed product!  it's still sitting on the coffee table so we can enjoy it when we walk by!  :) i have any puzzle swapper friends out there???

Saturday, December 17, 2016

christmas happenings

we have been rocking and rolling these last few weeks with all sorts of christmas events.  december is always nuts, but we have made it halfway through!

last sunday, our kids at church put on a christmas program.  william started it off by playing the prelude!

then our kiddos told the story of the coming of jesus through scripture and song.  i only got this one picture of the boys, but they all did a great job!

the 4th and 5th grade put on a christmas production at school called "the light has come."  william likes to play music for an audience, but it's pretty clear that he may have reached the age where singing and dancing is not really his thing (at least if it's not in the car or the playroom)!  i'm thinking his buddy, will, beside him might feel the same way!  ha!

regardless, they did a great job, and these boys were happy to be finished!

on the last day of school yesterday, william again provided christmas music for 30 minutes before school started.  they set up a keyboard in the lobby, and he just went to town!

this was part of the "audience" that decided to sit and listen for a while! :)

reed and wes didn't have to do much performing this season, but they did party hard on their last day of school.  reed and weston were thrilled to be getting out of school for a few weeks!

wes was just pumped to have a bag full of candy!

hello, christmas break!!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

learning fair #2!

we are rocking along with projects over here!  the 3rd grade learning fair was last week, and wes is a master on all things john smith.  he worked really hard on his pizza box and was quite proud of all of his hard work!  personally, i am quite proud that there is only one learning fair left!!  :)

the john smith pizza box...

the crew happy to be finished with their projects!!
mary elliott, emme, wes, and audrey...

moving on....end of the semester, here they come!!