Sunday, December 18, 2016

set it out, and they will come

on a whim in barnes and noble the other day i bought a 1000 piece puzzle.  i'm going to have to do that more often (or find somebody who has some sitting around that they will let me borrow)!!  i came home and got out one of our lego boards (the edges are built up slightly) and set it on our coffee table, dumped out the pieces, and the rest took care of itself!  it was so much fun to watch everybody walk through the den and stop to find a piece or two...or just sit down and work for a while...or watch basketball for a bit then work on the puzzle for a bit.

we were all pretty proud of our completed product!  it's still sitting on the coffee table so we can enjoy it when we walk by!  :) i have any puzzle swapper friends out there???

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