Thursday, December 29, 2016

twas the week before christmas

we went to jackson the weekend before christmas to get the holidays started with all the henson peeps.  i never get out my camera enough, but there were lots of hyped up little people, one crazy uncle, and two dogs!

these happy dak fans have some new wall decorations for their rooms!  (see that crazy uncle in the background?)

reed has been wanting a US quarter collection book for over a year.  he got into studious mode when he opened it!

wes loves his new body pillow.  this is the one kid around here that enjoys sleep!!

no christmas would be complete without legos!

i know that i'm behind the times, but my sister-in-law got me caught up by giving me a spiralizer!  we have loved it.  wes thinks it's his.  he made apple chips for breakfast!

and he made our zucchini noodles for supper.  i was skeptical, but y'all...zucchini noodles are awesome!  they are so much quicker than pasta, and they are healthy.  score!   plus, i like the little bit of crunch!

wes turned into little emeril over the holidays!

he took his baking seriously.

it paid off!  his grasshopper pie was a hit!  obviously, we balanced out the healthy benefits of zucchini noodles with pie!

while wes was busy cooking, william spent some time in the delta at deer camp with my dad and came away successful.

abe was routinely turned into a reindeer, and he was not too happy about it.  he would get downright embarrassed with those antlers on his head!

reed got his turn in the kitchen when daddy whipped up a batch of boiled custard.  it takes over an hour of constant stirring, so everybody got put to work!

we spent a night at the hump (my favorite) watching our bulldogs not play that well.  however, we walked away with a win and a pic with the egg bowl trophy.

we are making the most of christmas break!

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