Sunday, December 4, 2016

one holiday to the next

we made the rounds on thanksgiving.  despite the fact that i was in the delta and jackson during the week, my camera would make you believe that we did nothing!  i have exactly three pictures from thanksgiving!!

in the woods (with a book)...

this is what happens when you fall asleep in the kitchen...

road tripping'...

and once we got home, we put the pumpkins into hibernation and got the christmas tree up!  every year my kids get a new ornament to add their collection.  it has something to do with their personality or something they have enjoyed throughout the past year.  they are usually different, but this year they all got the same ornament!  all the dak fans were happy!!  go cowboys!

once again, wes was in charge of setting up the nativity.  and once again, everybody is all up in the stable seeing baby jesus!  :)

so here we go.  the countdown to christmas is on!

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