Saturday, December 31, 2016

christmas chicken biscuits

the little people receive a gift card in their stockings every year for chicken biscuits from chick-fil-a.  they love a breakfast at chick-fil-a more than just about anything.  so...this will definitely not be a tradition that stops anytime in the near future!  our chick-fil-a is being torn down on january 1st to rebuild it into a fancier one and will be closed for 4 months.  (i'm not sure how we will survive.  wes has already asked me if we can please stop at chick-fil-a if we are in a town that has one.  hmmm.  we might go too much.)  anyway, we had to get on it this year and make sure we got our christmas chicken biscuits before the construction shut us down!

so now that we have had our christmas chicken biscuits, we are officially ready for the new year!  happy new year's eve, and good-bye 2016!

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