Friday, December 30, 2016

fa la la

christmas day has come and gone, and new year's eve is staring us in the face!  i'm excited.  i love when all the decorations get put back up in the attic and normalcy returns!  however, we had fun while it lasted, and i do actually have a few pics to show for it!

they know they can't come down until i get a pic of them at the top of the stairs on christmas morning!

lots of smiles!

wes really enjoys shopping for other people.  my dad is the flashlight man.  he is always giving them a flashlight/headlamp/something with a light.  so wes bought him an LED light that fits on his keychain.  he was super excited about his purchase!

flying the drone...

barefoot and in shorts on christmas day.  hello, mississippi!

people pictures....
i'm not sure how much fun my grandparents have at our house.  i'm sure they go home and talk about how loud and goofy we all are, but we are happy that mamoo and taylor can still celebrate with us!  and our crazy dog seems to know when we are taking pictures.  he manages to get in each picture and pose perfectly!!

bye-bye, christmas!  see you next year!

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