Sunday, August 30, 2009

my friend, martha

how cute is this??

remember my friend, mandy?

well, apparently she turned into martha stewart when i wasn't looking. because i received that precious hooded towel in the mail the other day. and there was even a matching bib, burp cloth and wipes case in the package with it! and she made it with her own, creative two hands.

so, i'm going to take this opportunity to call her out and make sure she knows that she is officially OLD. because anybody who gets ultra excited over a sewing machine can no longer be considered a spring chicken. seriously, she used to get excited about horses and going fishing. now, she's picking out thread and raving over something fancy that her sewing machine will do.

if i keep getting packages like that in the mail, then she can just go ahead and be all martha stewart-like. but, the minute she starts making christmas decorations out of toothpicks...i'm gonna have to draw the line!!

thanks, friend!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

did i really just say that? (round 3)

1. "please get your tongue out of the tub of butter!"

2. "get that worm off of the kitchen table!"

3. "please don't put bugs in your pockets anymore. they really don't like the washing machine."

4. "we don't put our hands in other people's tee tee. or your tee tee. just stay away from all tee tee, ok?"

5. "nobody is poking out anybody's eyes! got it?"

6. "seriously. don't talk to each other. don't breathe on each other. don't even look at each other."

7. "no. and i don't want to know how pee pees are like elephants."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

who's who?

i was going to make y'all guess, but i wasn't sure that anyone would get it right!




i think it's safe to say that they are all related!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

noodles from scratch

last week, william attended "music camp" at 1st pres. he was excited because he's one of those kids that would go to school all summer...and absolutely love it. (we'll see if he feels the same way in 10 years.)

anyway, the week centered around music and cooking. they made noodles from scratch, stone soup, and homemade bread. there were songs to go along with each of them, and i've heard each song more than any human should be subjected to them. they were cute and all, but let's just say that the cd on which said songs reside no longer resides in my car!

my little emeril...

on friday, the parents got to watch a little production. william took part in the beginning and the end of the production. that is because he decided shortly after the first song that he had to go to the bathroom. he announced that fact to everyone and walked across in front of everybody to get to the bathroom. then left the door open while he went. then hiked back across to his spot and picked up where he left off. we'll have to work on our stage manners later.

this is his best friend at school, brooks. everyday i ask him, "who did you play with/sit by/eat with/talk to/etc.?" and the answer is always the same. brooks. you'd never know there were 13 other kids around!

the best part of music camp, though, was the book they gave us at the end of the week. each kid had a page that had their favorite recipe that mom makes and their favorite soup. william's favorite thing that i make is:

"my mom makes ice cream and she gets milk and water and sandwich and i think she would mix it up and put it in a bucket and it turns and turns and turns and then you have ice cream. i put chocolate for my ice cream."

why do i even bother making supper?

his favorite soup was:

"my favorite soup is potato soup. you have to have lots of soup and lots of potatoes and you put it in the microwave and dial numbers and hit start and it will cook. you cook it for 45 minutes and then it will be ready and you open the microwave and get it out and get a plate and you eat it."

when he goes off to college, at least he'll know how to work the microwave. i'll work on the washing machine next!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


4 years ago today, i held this little guy for the first time...

and today...

he's not so little anymore!

we woke up this morning at the wonderfully magic hour of 6am. and we've been birthday'n it up ever since!


the breakfast of champions...

checking out the new clubs...

if he plays as much as his daddy, he will for sure be the next tiger woods (or a dang good caddy!)...

swimming with the neighborhood crew (really tough to get a good pic of this bunch)...

unfortunately (according to him), his birthday doesn't fall during the school year. so, he has never gotten to celebrate at school. well, this week he had "music camp" at church (that's for another post), so he was so excited to get to take cupcakes to school and have everybody sing to him. and get a balloon. and a crown.

throw in some mexican food and some baskin robbins, and call it a day! a happy birthday!
we love you, william!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

outside in august


sweaty brother...

sweaty brother hug...

aside from all the sweat,

do i get mad at him for destroying my crepe myrtle? or am i supposed to be happy that he just wants to bring mama flowers??


Monday, August 10, 2009

look, rails!

this past weekend, wes told me to take the rails off of his bed so it could "be like william." i say told because there was no asking involved. he straight up told me to get those things off of his bed. so when i changed the sheets, i followed orders...

...and he climbed in and slept like they were never there in the first place. well, except for the 545am wake up call because he "need to get dirty in the potty, daaaaaaddddyyy!" i don't think the two are related, but if they are i'm not above making him sleep with rails on his bed until college or ya know...until he learns to wipe himself!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

a day in the life of reed


chill out

get a bath


scream from 7-9pm

get up the next morning and do it all again!! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

still at it...

even though summer is drawing to a close with all the schools starting up here, we are going to keep on pretending like it's summer for as long as we can!

it's a little chilly after 6pm, but it just takes a second to warm up to it...

and then it's full force for an hour or so!

getting ready to race...

wes is winning...

no wait, william is ahead...

wes doesn't care. he's ready to go again!

catching a quick breather...

this one just sits in the shade and snoozes. he'll get in on the action next summer!

one last jump before showertime!

now, how can anybody like the winter more than summer after days like these??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

somebody answer me

where exactly am i supposed to put the groceries???

Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm officially old

because i am giddy about my new toy! no, it's not a new pair of running shoes or a tennis racket. it's not even a new electronic gadget...well, yeah, it kind of is!

isn't she pretty??

and efficient! and, she doesn't get stuck in the spin cycle, dance across the room or eat our clothes! in other words....she's awesome!

but the best part of a new washer and dryer....

they since have added windows, doors and stickers to decorate their house/tunnel. it's great for the rainy afternoons. clearly, the little people think the washer and dryer was a good purchase as well!

now, if the thing would just cook supper, we'd be in business!