Tuesday, January 22, 2019


january.  we've been on the move since the new year started.

we have spent lots of time in the bubble.

we hit up a few more basketball games at the hump.  complete with friends.  and pizza.

we ate supper by lantern when the power went out one night.  chase is a flashlight guru, and he was excited to use his newest christmas present!  (he wasn't quite as excited to push the garage door up in order for us to get out of the garage!)

and, in cleaning out reed's backpack i found this gem.  how dare we make him take a family picture!

hopefully, i can now get back to the regularly scheduled posting!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

hello, 2019!

we started off the new year right by playing chick fil a breakfast bingo.  it's funny how this game totally captivates them!  i guess the thrill of winning free chick fil a helps, but it's still funny how into it they get!


single winner...

double winner...

and, reed and i took the prize for losing the most games!  but that's ok....we'll make the others share their winnings!

Monday, December 31, 2018

one last post....

well, somehow i forgot to post these pictures from this summer.  so, i'll end the year with a look back at the good/fun weather and the junior coke tour.




reed, burton, bo

wes and mason

wes, mason, jack

here's to hoping that it will quit raining in 2019, and they can get back out there!