Sunday, August 23, 2015

birthday weekend

william turned 10 a few weeks ago, and we celebrated the double digits in style!  we started out the night before with hibachi.  that never fails to bring a smile, and they never fail to clean their plates!

then we woke up to presents and cake!

we won't discuss the cake that was supposed to be blue and orange on the outside and chocolate on the inside.  (it was vanilla on the inside, and can see that an all white cake is somewhat close to blue and orange, i guess.) oh well, they never turn down cake for breakfast!

at the top of his wish list was a TRX.  it's pretty cool, and we have all enjoyed it! (his brothers also gave him that jordan speith hat.  maybe his golf game will improve a few strokes with it on!) 

after cake for breakfast and a quick workout on the TRX, we headed to memphis to the bass pro shop at the pyramid.  i've been to bass pro shops before, but this one was a boy's dream! 

of course we stopped everywhere that we could shoot stuff!  


and this place had the coolest bowling alley that i've ever seen!

 we took a trip to the top before we left to check out the view of the mississippi! (the sun was a little bright, so i didn't exactly get picture quality faces!!) 

it was a fun day celebrating 10 years of william...redneck style! ha!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

first day

the first day of school is in the books.  none of mine were super happy that summer was over, but they threw out a few smiles for me.  

wes and whit ready to go!

reed is ready for mrs. vaughn!

4th grade with mrs. golding...

looking forward to a great year!

Monday, August 3, 2015

end of summer

it's a sad day over here with school starting tomorrow.  none of us are ready to give up summer.  at least it's still hot enough for a little while that we can still act like rednecks in our backyard!

and we eat ice cream all year long in the henson house, so i guess it's not all bad.  but once the newness of the week wears off, i'm sure we'll be on a countdown to may!!  goodbye, summer!! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

coke tour 2015

school starts next week, and with the end of summer comes the end of the coke tour.  william and wes had a lot of fun this summer playing on the different courses in north mississippi.  there were a few meltdowns, but it was fun to watch them get better each week.  william shot a 45 a few times for his best round(s) and finished 3rd in the regular season points standings, and wes shot a 48 for his best round to finish 10th.  they only play 9 holes, but it's hot out there.  i think my dad, chase and myself deserve some sort of medal for toting those clubs all over the courses!! 

wes at big oaks...
(i really like this pic because if you look closely, you can see the ball in flight!)

getting some advice from poppa...


smiles after their first round of the year!

 the caddies at a pregame meal in oxford!

maybe oxford isn't so bad after all...

reed walked with us most of the time.  he was a such a trooper in the heat.  he liked to carry the score cards and tell us when the water was going to be in play!

approach shot in corinth...

wes got advice from daddy this round...

putting machine... 
(left hand low...for the record, he was doing it this way before jordan speith made it cool)...

post round milkshakes at borroum's...

it was a fun summer with a smidge of success thrown in.  william has to move up age groups next summer, so he'll have to work his way back up the ladder.  but no matter what happens on the course, we can always find a post round milkshake to bring a smile!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

camp for everbody!

we experienced summer camp for the first time this summer.  and by we, i mean william and wes.  they went to twin lakes for a week back at the end of june/beginning of july with their buddies, clay and mason.  i wasn't a fan of camp as a kid, and chase wasn't either.  so....we didn't know what to expect out of them.  their favorites were the waterfront, the ropes courses, and riflery and archery. i'm certain that they didn't brush their teeth much, but they had a great time!  and they brought home all the smelly, wet clothes to prove it!  

drop off day...

this is the tupelo 2nd grade crew!  (mason, bristo, sam, and wes)

pick up day!


our friend/babysitter/church member was a lifeguard at the lake this whole summer.  i'm not sure how much she actually saw them, but it was nice to know that miss myriam was around!!

while the big boys were at camp, reed had grandparent camp in jackson.  he got to spend some time with sam and go fishing!

and while everybody else was having fun, we kept on moving south down to hattiesburg for our own little "golf camp."  chase's buddy, ronnie, met us and we tried out a few courses down there and ate some good food.  it's the first time i've ever been there besides driving through, and i hope it's not the last time i visit.  i really liked it!  plus, ronnie and i came so close to having holes in one on the same hole!! 

after camp pick up, we drove through the monsoon to get home in time for the 4th of july shindig in our culdesac.  we all had a blast, and we only almost burned down our neighbor's house once. 

it was a super fun week for all of us.  i'm thinking we may need to make this a yearly thing!!