Wednesday, October 10, 2018

tupelo homecoming

tupelo celebrated their homecoming with a win over hernando high school.  reed and james cheered hard.

wes wasn't feeling that well, so no pictures of him!  but, william had fun at the party.  no dances yet.  just a party.  and, i think they played basketball and ate the entire time!!  still....smiles all around!

go wave!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

los angeles

chase and i took a long weekend over labor day and went to los angeles.  we were given the best seats in the house at a few dodger games (thanks, susan!) and were treated like royalty!  it was a blast.  we got the behind the scenes tour of the stadium which is the 3rd oldest stadium in the united states.  it has a very cool retro feel about it.  kershaw was on the mound for one of the games, and they won both games that we attended.  i'm think that we must be good luck!

chase and jackie robinson

in the halls of dodger stadium

with the world series trophies

we had seats in the dugout club (right behind home plate) which also gave us access to FOOD!  and lots of it!  every night before the game, they had a huge set up of just about everything you could think of to eat for the dugout club members.  and then, once you got to your seat there was in seat catering.  so you could order nachos or hotdogs or whatever else you wanted to be brought to you.  let's just say that we were not ever hungry on this trip!!

pretty sweet seats!





our awesome seats

the original trunks that carried equipment for the team all the way back when they were the brooklyn dodgers

old game tickets and stadium seats

view from the top

you can see the hollywood sign from the stadium.  pretty neat.

more jackie

we did some sightseeing while we were there, too.  we LOVED dodger stadium, but we didn't really think all that much of the city.  we will definitely go back for baseball, but I don't think we will make it a point to go hang out in LA!

santa monica pier

the very end of route 66

venice beach, including a skate park built by tony hawk, a pickle ball park, a body-building competition (gross!), the basketball court from the movie white men can't jump, and one of the original canals...

rodeo drive and beverly hills

the hollywood sign from griffith park and observatory

we went over to hollywood boulevard and the walk of fame.  it was too vegas-ish for me.  we saw it quickly and got out.

grauman's chinese theater

disney's el capitan theater

B.B. King's star (i had to stop for the delta boy!)

dolby theater

it was a quick but really fun trip!  and, the dodgers are still rolling right along in the month of october!!  i think we were the good luck charm that pushed them in the right direction!  go, dodgers!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

the good years

you always think you'll miss the baby stage (and i guess you do in some ways), but i'm kind of liking this stage of life.  after supper one night recently, every kid was occupied by something of his own doing.  william was stringing a racket, reed was reading a book, wes was working on a school project (unprompted), and the US Open was on in the background.  everyone can shower on their own, pack their own lunches, and dress themselves.  well, maybe that last thing needs a little help, but i'll take these ages for sure!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

rainy tournament

we had rain delay after rain delay (and by delay, i mean....floods) during the central mississippi state championships.  thank goodness we have grandparents that live close by.  it would have meant a lot of time in a hotel room otherwise!

but, all three little people waited it out patiently and came away with some wins.  and, just for the record, grandparents make the best fans!

Friday, September 14, 2018


william turned 13  on august 15th!  it seems unreal, but we celebrated with donuts for breakfast and a baskin robbins ice cream cake!!

(please ignore the goofy child in the background!)

here's the birthday tribute that was posted on facebook...

We welcomed this guy into the world 13 years ago. It’s hard to believe that 13 years of William have passed so quickly. That is not to say that HE is quick. On the contrary, he sees no need to move or do things at a rapid pace. He is our little turtle that has earned the nickname “Dilly” for all of his dilly dallying. He is never the first one in the car ready to go! He loves all types of music, and it only takes him hearing it once to remember all the words. He does not like blue jeans and would much prefer to wear shorts year round. Federer is his favorite. He likes Mississippi State, Dak, and playing chess against his brothers. He devours books and always has one nearby. He makes up his bed every morning right after waking up. He would get up at 4am if we let him. He is a total morning person. He loves to cook, but he always breaks at least one of the eggs when frying them for breakfast! His favorite dessert is heath bar pie, but he won’t turn down anything with sugar in it! He could eat pounds upon pounds of shrimp at a time. He wants to be on the tennis court every day. He has learned how to string rackets and is enjoying having a little spending money from that endeavor. He is not a fan of ankle socks. He is very reserved, but he can be goofy once you get to know him. He wants to be an architect or an engineer of some sort. Math and science are still his favorite subjects. His fingers can fly over that piano keyboard and lately they have been figuring out the guitar. He packs peanut butter and jelly for lunch every single day. He can fall asleep within 20 seconds of getting in the bed. He is always humming or singing something. He loves a good milkshake. He changed schools this year (big change!) and just went with the flow from the very beginning. I’m so proud of how he has adjusted to this new normal. He loves Jesus, and that boy knows his Bible. He likes Andy Griffith and the Cosby Show. He enjoys driving me bananas by fiddling with the rubber bands on his braces. You better fill his plate up with food the first time around because he never goes back for seconds….unless it’s lasagna or maybe crawfish. His feet are as big as mine, and I think this is the year that he will pass me in height. Here’s to hoping that the next 13 years slow down a little and pass by at his pace!  🐢 Happy birthday, William!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

rome, georgia

reed only went to school for two days before we skipped out and went to rome, georgia.  his tennis team won state at the end of july, so we made the trip to sectionals.  it was at the rome tennis center at berry college, and it was an impressive place.  it's the largest hardcourt facility in the nation, so these little people felt pretty important!

waiting on his turn...

 parking lot warm up!

killing time...

this place was big enough to host multiple tournaments, so we got to see some good tennis in the 14s hardcourt nationals.

they had tennis bingo one night.  we weren't lucky enough to win any of the cool prizes, but that didn't stop us from trying!

this team finished 3rd.  it was determined by total games won, and they only missed first by a few games.  maybe next year!

 reed and i stopped at a cracker barrel on the way home.  he didn't get his competitive juices out during the weekend, so we had to play checkers while we waited for our food!

it was a good road trip with the littlest tennis player at my house.  hopefully, it won't be our last trip to rome!