Tuesday, July 21, 2015

camp for everbody!

we experienced summer camp for the first time this summer.  and by we, i mean william and wes.  they went to twin lakes for a week back at the end of june/beginning of july with their buddies, clay and mason.  i wasn't a fan of camp as a kid, and chase wasn't either.  so....we didn't know what to expect out of them.  their favorites were the waterfront, the ropes courses, and riflery and archery. i'm certain that they didn't brush their teeth much, but they had a great time!  and they brought home all the smelly, wet clothes to prove it!  

drop off day...

this is the tupelo 2nd grade crew!  (mason, bristo, sam, and wes)

pick up day!


our friend/babysitter/church member was a lifeguard at the lake this whole summer.  i'm not sure how much she actually saw them, but it was nice to know that miss myriam was around!!

while the big boys were at camp, reed had grandparent camp in jackson.  he got to spend some time with sam and go fishing!

and while everybody else was having fun, we kept on moving south down to hattiesburg for our own little "golf camp."  chase's buddy, ronnie, met us and we tried out a few courses down there and ate some good food.  it's the first time i've ever been there besides driving through, and i hope it's not the last time i visit.  i really liked it!  plus, ronnie and i came so close to having holes in one on the same hole!! 

after camp pick up, we drove through the monsoon to get home in time for the 4th of july shindig in our culdesac.  we all had a blast, and we only almost burned down our neighbor's house once. 

it was a super fun week for all of us.  i'm thinking we may need to make this a yearly thing!! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

reed is 6!

reed turned 6 on the 9th, and he couldn't be happier that he gets to use two hands to tell you how old he is now!   of course, we started the morning off right! 

he played all day, and was quick to flash a high five and thumbs up in my direction!

he was still throwing out the "6" while jumping!

he wanted to make his own birthday cake, so we went to the grocery and picked out what he wanted.  he mixed and stirred and iced his own cake....it wasn't as easy as it sounded!  but it still tasted good!!  we had it for dessert after his choice of d'casa for supper! 

we had no birthday parties this summer.  instead, we took a trip to geyser falls this past week.  i'm almost recovered!!  ha!  happy birthday to my littlest little person!!  love you, reedy!! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

baseball 2015

well this year we had 3 different kids playing on 3 different teams in 3 different areas of the park.  it was chaotic!  thank goodness for friends that text and tell me what is going on while i'm across the street watching somebody else!

wes was on the dodgers.  they didn't dodge a whole lot of losses, but they had fun! 

reed was on the lost pizza team.  they don't keep up with wins or losses, but he'll tell you that they won every game!

i'm pretty sure he just wanted to play baseball for the snack after the games!

william played on russell orthodontics.  they struggled a little bit, too....guess it wasn't exactly our year!!  ha!  but he played 2nd base every game, and he turned out to be a solid 2nd baseman. 

of course no season would be complete without pizza and trophies at lost pizza!  at least for the 5 year olds!  

i'm looking forward to next season when we will all at least be on the same side of the street at the park!  but i need 9 months off to recover!