Wednesday, November 30, 2016

first grade learning fair

reed had his learning fair about two weeks ago.  he read the book "flat stanley," and then he created his own flat stanley.  after shipping stanley off to utah to spend some time with our friends, the cowards, he came back home with tales of adventures out west and pictures to go along with it!  reed made a scrapbook and a board to go along with his presentation.  out of all the cool places that he visited, reed was most excited that flat stanley got to go to the MSU game at BYU!

reed and henry...

one learning fair down....two to go!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

we're kinda glad it's over!

we are true maroon, but let's be honest...we rode the struggle bus this year!  it's part of being a bulldog, but i'm ready to put this season behind us and move on!!  i know there is still one game left, but our home games are over (and we will not be making the trip to oxford).  so...good-bye to football season!

we had fabulous weather for the games this year!  hot and sunny....just the way i like it!  the good part (in my opinion) about not being any good is that you don't have to play many late games!

these two goofballs ran ahead of us one day on the way back to the car and stopped in front of the library at this bench to read with their "friends."

thankfully we only had to dress like this for one game.  we didn't win it either, but we were prepared and warm!

and now we are moving on to basketball!  go dawgs!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

flu shot winner

flu shots are tough around here.  every year we have a competition to see who can show the least emotion while getting a shot.  every year the same person loses.  bless him....he was crying before we even got there and saying, "i'm going to really try.  i'm going to try hard."

i guess he couldn't try hard enough.

oh well.  there's always next year!!  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

trick or treat

we are still riding high on our ryder cup victory over here, so we didn't look around too hard for costumes!  this year we had rickie fowler, zach johnson, and jordan spieth.

they really like rory, too, but since he wasn't american he didn't make the cut this time!

we loaded up and went door to door with the cordells and came home with way too much candy!  but i did enjoy not freezing while on the trailer this year.  i could handle the weather being this way every year!!

as soon we got home, the sorting began!  reed called dibs on the whoppers and hershey's.  the other two just like any and all of it!!

now on to the all of the chaos that the end of the year brings.  at least we've got enough sugar to get us through!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

soccer is over....for now!

we wrapped up soccer last week for the fall season.  can i get an amen????  thankfully, it was only cold for one game, so there wasn't too much to complain about this year!  :)

we had a tornado, a buffalo, and a thunderbird at our house.  i think all of their teams are pretty decent, but i'd be lying if i tried to tell you much more.  with three kids on three different teams, i just wander around to the different fields and try to catch a glimpse of them doing something!

the tornado...

the buffalo...

the thunderbird...

i'll have to get my long underwear out for the spring season, but for now i'm just going to enjoy not having to be anywhere on tuesday and thursday nights.....and being warm!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

i got a smile the third time!

if you will recall, losing teeth was not the happiest of times for reed in the past.  he was less than thrilled when his first two teeth fell out....complete with tears!  and, he will not let anyone near a loose tooth!

his top tooth has been loose for about two months, but of course no one was allowed to pull it.  he got in the car after school last week with a sad face because he ran into somebody on the playground and it finally fell out!  after i reminded him of the money that came with teeth, he perked up!

the other one is loose as well, so i may be saying "all he wants for christmas" soon.  but then again it may be easter before we can get it out!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

ryder cup

a few weeks ago, chase and i experienced the ryder cup.  it was his second time, but it was my first.  he said things had definitely changed since he went 20 years ago!

we flew into minneapolis, and after a quick stop by the hotel to drop our stuff off we made our way to hazeltine for the opening ceremony.  there was no parking at hazeltine, so all 60,000 fans had to meet and ride buses to nearby chaska high school.  canterbury park (a super nice horse race track) was about a mile from our hotel, and that's where we met our bus....along with a million other people.  but since we got there right before the opening ceremony, we didn't get a grasp on the bus line until the next morning.

we walked around and figured out the layout of the course, found the international pavilion (the only bathrooms that i would use because well, just imagine the port-a-potties after 60,000 people had been using them during the practice rounds all week), perused the 50,000 square foot ryder cup shop for some gear for the little people, and watched the opening ceremony.

walking in...

the next morning, we were up at 5am and thinking that we were ahead of the game since the buses didn't start running until 6am.  hahahaha!!!  we got to the buses and then waited in line for an hour just to get on a bus.  it was crazy!  but the pga got it figured out after that first morning, and we never waited more than 10 minutes after that.  they were actually very efficient (and should have been considering that they had charter buses all the way from louisiana, school buses from every district around them, and what actually looked like a prison bus!  we still made it just in time for the first tee time of the day!

jordan speith in the first fairway...

we bought ryder cup radios, and that was the best money we spent all week.  it was little radio that hung around your neck, and there were 3 channels...nbc, the american broadcast and the BBC.  the european broadcast was by far the best.  they were hysterical, and their description of what was going was so much better than the american broadcasters.  i need a british guy to walk around and just describe what's going on my life!

anyway, this was my favorite spot on the course.  par 3 #8.  it was crazy crowded, but we happened to be there when rory made his 40 putt and patrick reed followed it with a birdie of his own, along with some finger wagging and smack talk!  so much fun!

middle of the fairway at #18...

we added on and got international pavilion access.  it was nice to have a place to sit and eat some food, and it would have been great if we had needed it for rain and cold weather.  but we lucked out and it was 70 degrees everyday.

all smiles after finishing in the lead after day 1 (barely)...


jordan speith lining up his putt on #6.  (i wasn't stalking just him with my camera, but they had "mobile device enforcement" people that would yell at you if you got out your phone.  so, it just happened to be him every time that i had a chance to take a picture!)

mr. ryder cup himself!  what an amazing week this guy had...

the empty #1 grandstand at the end of the day...

and the full and rowdy #1 grandstand in the morning...

signing arnold palmer's memory board....

these are two of the "guardians of the cup."  they travel to every ryder cup wherever it is and cheer (and sing...loudly) for europe.  and yes, it was about 8am.  and yes, they have multiple beers in their hands and pockets.  and the pga can't figure out how or why fans are crazy and loud during the rounds....hmmmmm???

jordan and rory having a chat on the putting green before the final day got started.

jordan again...

dustin johnson finishing up on #16.  this was my second favorite place on the course.  it was on a hill, and it could get to 30 people deep watching on this hole.  there was also a video board behind the hill, so we could watch what going on elsewhere on the course.

zach johnson after clinching his match...

celebrating the win!!

ricky fowler and jimmy walker...

patrick reed...

phil and jordan...


the closing ceremony...

saying goodbye to hazeltine....

this is only about half of the sea of humanity making their way to the buses to leave.  half of the people didn't stay for the closing ceremony!!

if you are a golf fan (and even if you're not), you should definitely put the ryder cup on your bucket list just to experience a sporting event unlike any other anywhere at least once!  but i'm going to warn you, i think golf fans are the tallest people on the earth.  i promise you that every guy there was 6'5".  so if you go, make sure you have a 6'7" husband upon whose back you can jump when it gets to the point that you need to see something important unfold!!  i might have missed a few exciting putts if not for chase!!

we are so glad that the cup is back where it belongs, and i'm already looking forward to two years from now and cheering us on in paris at le golf national.  now i've gotta get chase to get in touch with some of his french tennis teammates from college and round us up a place to stay!!!  :)