Sunday, November 12, 2017

muffins for mom

i had the privilege of "eating" breakfast before school with these three at muffins for mom a few weeks ago.  we don't usually go because this mom doesn't like muffins, and they all know this!  but this year, they wanted to go, so i went.  the fare actually consisted of donuts which i don't care for either......but, they LOVE them!  so, we started off the day with donuts and smiles!  i guess that means we'll be back next year!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


this year, we had a cowboys fan, dak prescott, and a referee!  i didn't get a picture of all of them together before the night started, but i got the referee before they went out hunting for candy!

a blurry referee and karate kid on the trailer!

this was post trick or treating, and everybody has 3/4 of their costume on.  it's the best i could do.  they are hard to keep up with these days!

checking out their loot!

good thing we know a good dentist!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

fall tennis

we have a played a little tennis this fall in between soccer games and trips to starkville.  reed actually got in on the action.  he did not win his first attempt at the sport, so he was not too happy.  but, he was ready to go again as soon as it was over!!  however, when this is your pre-match routine....i'm not too sure how much you should really expect!!  ha!!

his brothers were slightly more successful!

but he did get a taste of winning at a tournament in oxford a few weeks later!  he teamed up with his buddy, walker, from cleveland.  they had a blast all weekend....on the court and off!

we had a few fans at the river hills tournament!

and we finished it up at reunion.  it was fuh-reezing in the mornings, but it was perfect by the afternoon.  wes and william both made new friends (and doubles partners)....maxwell and ross!  i think we will be pairing up with these guys again!  making it to the finals isn't all that bad, though neither wes nor ross was all that happy!

this weekend finished up with reed managing to lock himself in the bathroom.  it was a single room, and he was freaking out.  i'm surprised all courts near the clubhouse didn't call lets for the disturbance.  we had to talk to him through the door to get him to step away from the edge and calm down in order to get him to unlock the door.  goodness.  it's definitely time for a break!  good thing basketball season is right around the corner!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

best of show

wes was selected to display a piece of his artwork at the lifeway art fair last week.  it was in the mix with others from 1-5 grades.  they all had something to do with creation.

he ended up winning!  who knew??  he got best of show and brought home a certificate and a gift card to hobby lobby.

he said, "it's a still life of fruit.  i call it PEARS."  he is very original!!!  way to go, wes!

Monday, October 23, 2017

he's giving lessons now.

if your game needs a little tune up, give reed a call.  i hear he's pretty cheap!  plus, he's cute.  :)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

giles jam 2017

mr. giles is 94.  and at 94, he plays golf 3 times a week.  and shoots his age.  and moves like he's nowhere near 94.  it's pretty impressive, really!!  but the most fun thing about him is that every year for his birthday he hosts his own birthday party/golf tournament!  then, he feeds everybody lunch afterwards.  i want to be like this when i'm 94.  somebody remind me that this needs to be me at 94.  i'm sure i'll forget!!

anyway, gwen and i couldn't play last year, but he made sure that we were available to play this year! we don't normally play with the bombers or the dandies (they have names for their groups), but we had fun being honorary members for the day!

cheers to 94.  i'm already looking forward to the next celebration!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

mamoo and taylor

we made a quick trip to visit mamoo and taylor.  they recently moved to inverness, and we got the tour through their new house.  they are pretty proud of it!

i'm sorry, but every family has a goofball, right?