Tuesday, February 23, 2010

just one

tooth, that is.

Monday, February 22, 2010


it makes me happy!

until somebody starts puking at 130am for the fourth weekend in a row.  true story.  sigh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

the imaginative one

unfortunately, william doesn't nap anymore.  he still has playtime in his room while the other two nap, but even it seems to be getting progressively shorter.  even so, the boy can put together some crazy things with blocks and legos.  sadly, i missed my opportunity and didn't take a picture of the basketball court and goal that he built with his erector set, but i did manage to get a picture of his latest...a battleship.  there was all kinds of racket going on upstairs (it's supposed to be quiet play), so i went upstairs to find him shooting bombs at the islands (puzzle pieces).  i didn't know that 4 year olds had the concept of symmetry down, but he's got that one figured out!! 

and then sometimes those neurons can just totally fire at random:

william:  "some dinosaurs eat meat."
mama:  "yeah.  do you know what that's called?"
william:  "what?"
mama:  "carnivores"
william:  "well, some dinosaurs eat plants.  what's that called?"
mama:  "herbivores" (3rd grade science is totally paying off)
william:  "well, some dinosaurs eat people.  what's that called?"
mama:  "ummmm...."
william:  "people-vores"
mama:  "ok.  sounds good"
william:  "sometimes they like to eat animals, too, but some animals can scare them off."
mama:  "ok"
william:  " like porcupines have spikes, and they can stick them.  and skunks can spray them."
mama:  "yep" (no idea where this conversation is going or when it will end)
william:  "but we don't have anything to scare them with"
mama:  "nope.  you don't have any spikes."
william:  "well, yeah, but we CAN scare them.  we can shoot them with a gun or we can slingshot them like david." (david and goliath is by far the favorite bible story around here)
mama:  "ok"
william:  "so, you need to buy me a gun."
mama:  "no.  you don't need a gun.  you are too little."
william:  "but.  but how am i supposed to scare the dinosaurs away?"
mama:  "well, i don't think it really matters because we don't have dinosaurs."
william:  "we don't have dinosaurs in our town??"
mama:  "nope.  no dinosaurs here."
william:   "because we don't have any jungles?"
mama:  (what???) "i guess so.  we don't have any jungles here."
william:  "but other towns have jungles."
mama:  "sure"
william:  "like jackson."

of course i fell out laughing and killed that conversation because, yes...i think that many people would agree that downtown jackson could indeed be considered a jungle!  ha!


and lately, the olympics have been providing us with lots of entertainment.  he even set up his own track and practiced the luge. 

the tool boxes are the "starting handles" that the lugers use to push off with.

sliding down the track.  (i guess wes is practicing his skeleton)

but, of course, when you are a hard core luger...

you have to expect luging accidents!

the night after the busted chin, i was watching snowboarding when william came and sat beside me and started watching.  intently.  chase came in the room and made the comment that unless i wanted him doing back flips off the couch, i should probably turn that off.

point well taken.  so we went to bed. 

and now i think that i'm very grateful to live in the south where extreme winter sports are impossible.  otherwise, i'm not sure how many of his bones would actually be intact! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

i lied...

so...just forget that last post where i made it sound like we were all well and over this stomach bug.  because we aren't.  i had it all weekend, and if anybody is keeping count...wednesday will make 3 weeks that we have been passing this thing around.  sooooooo much fun.  yes, we have been to the doctor and are waiting on lab work and other tests (please don't ask) to try to figure out what is ailing us.  but it takes a week to get the results.  in the meantime, i'll just tie a bucket around everyone's neck and wait it out. 

reed also has pink eye which he so graciously passed on to me.  but at least that is cleaner than vomit!!  so sad that i'm happy about a case of pink eye.  

anyway, after a decent night's sleep in which no one woke up puking, we woke up to about an inch of snow.  it cracks me up how at the beginning of the winter when there is even the slightest talk of snow flurries, schools close down immediately.  but once that first "snow" (term used loosely since we live in mississippi) has come and gone, nobody thinks anything of it anymore.  so yes...william and wes still had school this morning.  and that was a good thing because i get out of breath just walking from one room to the next.  i needed a few hours to regroup.  but...they did have time to go out before school and make a snowball or two. 

it's funny how they weren't as excited about the snow as they were the first time it snowed this winter, either.  william got up, looked out the window, and said, "look mama, it snowed.  can i have some cheerios?"  like we live in utah and see this all the time. 

but after these past 3 weeks, it's hard to muster up excitement over much of anything.  except summer.  bring on the sunny weather, outdoor play, and wellness!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


mama: "hey, buddy.  did you sleep good last night?"

william (with excitement in his voice):  "yes ma'am.  AND...i didn't even throw up!"

ahhhhhh...music to my ears!

Monday, February 8, 2010

what is happening around here??

yes, we have had the stomach bug for 2 solid weeks.  somebody is always puking, PBS kids is always on, there are half-empty glasses of gatorade scattered about, there's a bucket every where you look, and i'm about to lose it.  but, that's not what i'm talking about.  i'm trying to not think about it actually.

what i mean is, why is my little man getting so big so fast??  he has a tooth.  compared to my other two, 6 months is really late in the teeth department.  wes had teeth at 3 months.  but it still made me so sad when that cute, little thing poked it's way through.  i don't want him to have a mouth full of teeth!  i like that gummy, baby smile. 

he can also sit up like it's no big deal. 

and he does love to sit up.  because of it, i had to get rid of the baby bathtub.  that may not seem like an emotional moment, but this thing has been through all three of my kids.  the pad was coming off and floating in the water, so it was time to get rid of it.  when i brought it out of the bathroom, william and wes wanted to know what i was doing.  they thought it was cool that they used to take a bath in it....and they wanted to try it out for old time's sake!! 

don't you wish you were that cool?? 

(i know i have said this before, but i really promise that this kid has pants...he just doesn't have them on 90% of the time!)

anyway, reed is really loving his transition to the real bathtub.  he has figured out how to splash, and he is so confused when he splashes himself in the face!!  i guess that is entertaining enough to make me forget about the baby bathtub that i just threw out!! 

 and, if that is not enough...he decided that he was big enough to get up on all 4s!

 of course, he doesn't go anywhere once he gets up because:
1.  mama knocks his legs out from under him because, hello....not ready for a crawler!!! don't even go there!
2.  if i don't get there quick enough, he just slides backwards until he wedges himself under the couch or a chair and then just stays stuck until somebody rescues him!

apparently, somebody told him that it was ok to grow up.

and although all of these things are really cute, i'm not happy about it.

but maybe i will be once i get a night of sleep not interrupted by somebody throwing up???

at this point, i think that would make me happy about almost anything!!! 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Sanits!!! (i mean, saints)

yes...i know how to spell.  but as evidenced by the clarion-ledger this morning, there are a few people who don't...

i'm sure they tasted good, though!!! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

big brother, little brother

these two have a thing for each other.  we are only hoping that it stays that way!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

note to self

unless you are willing to clean up a major, major mess, never give wes chocolate pudding ever again!

i mean, how is it possible to even get it on your feet??