Friday, February 19, 2010

the imaginative one

unfortunately, william doesn't nap anymore.  he still has playtime in his room while the other two nap, but even it seems to be getting progressively shorter.  even so, the boy can put together some crazy things with blocks and legos.  sadly, i missed my opportunity and didn't take a picture of the basketball court and goal that he built with his erector set, but i did manage to get a picture of his latest...a battleship.  there was all kinds of racket going on upstairs (it's supposed to be quiet play), so i went upstairs to find him shooting bombs at the islands (puzzle pieces).  i didn't know that 4 year olds had the concept of symmetry down, but he's got that one figured out!! 

and then sometimes those neurons can just totally fire at random:

william:  "some dinosaurs eat meat."
mama:  "yeah.  do you know what that's called?"
william:  "what?"
mama:  "carnivores"
william:  "well, some dinosaurs eat plants.  what's that called?"
mama:  "herbivores" (3rd grade science is totally paying off)
william:  "well, some dinosaurs eat people.  what's that called?"
mama:  "ummmm...."
william:  "people-vores"
mama:  "ok.  sounds good"
william:  "sometimes they like to eat animals, too, but some animals can scare them off."
mama:  "ok"
william:  " like porcupines have spikes, and they can stick them.  and skunks can spray them."
mama:  "yep" (no idea where this conversation is going or when it will end)
william:  "but we don't have anything to scare them with"
mama:  "nope.  you don't have any spikes."
william:  "well, yeah, but we CAN scare them.  we can shoot them with a gun or we can slingshot them like david." (david and goliath is by far the favorite bible story around here)
mama:  "ok"
william:  "so, you need to buy me a gun."
mama:  "no.  you don't need a gun.  you are too little."
william:  "but.  but how am i supposed to scare the dinosaurs away?"
mama:  "well, i don't think it really matters because we don't have dinosaurs."
william:  "we don't have dinosaurs in our town??"
mama:  "nope.  no dinosaurs here."
william:   "because we don't have any jungles?"
mama:  (what???) "i guess so.  we don't have any jungles here."
william:  "but other towns have jungles."
mama:  "sure"
william:  "like jackson."

of course i fell out laughing and killed that conversation because, yes...i think that many people would agree that downtown jackson could indeed be considered a jungle!  ha!


and lately, the olympics have been providing us with lots of entertainment.  he even set up his own track and practiced the luge. 

the tool boxes are the "starting handles" that the lugers use to push off with.

sliding down the track.  (i guess wes is practicing his skeleton)

but, of course, when you are a hard core luger...

you have to expect luging accidents!

the night after the busted chin, i was watching snowboarding when william came and sat beside me and started watching.  intently.  chase came in the room and made the comment that unless i wanted him doing back flips off the couch, i should probably turn that off.

point well taken.  so we went to bed. 

and now i think that i'm very grateful to live in the south where extreme winter sports are impossible.  otherwise, i'm not sure how many of his bones would actually be intact! 


Anonymous said...

What a guy!

Anonymous said...

You guys are way too entertaining. Honey

Lance and DK said...

he has got to be one happy kid with the uniform!! kakki

Holly Henson said...

william is so funny. he should be on tv. (not snowboarding) i'm going out now to get some weapons to protect me against the people-vores.