Monday, February 15, 2010

i lied...

so...just forget that last post where i made it sound like we were all well and over this stomach bug.  because we aren't.  i had it all weekend, and if anybody is keeping count...wednesday will make 3 weeks that we have been passing this thing around.  sooooooo much fun.  yes, we have been to the doctor and are waiting on lab work and other tests (please don't ask) to try to figure out what is ailing us.  but it takes a week to get the results.  in the meantime, i'll just tie a bucket around everyone's neck and wait it out. 

reed also has pink eye which he so graciously passed on to me.  but at least that is cleaner than vomit!!  so sad that i'm happy about a case of pink eye.  

anyway, after a decent night's sleep in which no one woke up puking, we woke up to about an inch of snow.  it cracks me up how at the beginning of the winter when there is even the slightest talk of snow flurries, schools close down immediately.  but once that first "snow" (term used loosely since we live in mississippi) has come and gone, nobody thinks anything of it anymore.  so yes...william and wes still had school this morning.  and that was a good thing because i get out of breath just walking from one room to the next.  i needed a few hours to regroup.  but...they did have time to go out before school and make a snowball or two. 

it's funny how they weren't as excited about the snow as they were the first time it snowed this winter, either.  william got up, looked out the window, and said, "look mama, it snowed.  can i have some cheerios?"  like we live in utah and see this all the time. 

but after these past 3 weeks, it's hard to muster up excitement over much of anything.  except summer.  bring on the sunny weather, outdoor play, and wellness!!


Anonymous said...

Got to get ya'll well.

Leigh Ann said...

Feel better soon!

Rachael Tackett said...

i have pink eye too!!!! got it from grace!