Monday, February 1, 2010

note to self

unless you are willing to clean up a major, major mess, never give wes chocolate pudding ever again!

i mean, how is it possible to even get it on your feet??


Anonymous said...

Needs a little ice cream in that puddin'

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

it's called 'saving it for later' ;-)

The Overstreets said...

Hey Laura!

My mother-in-law was roped into buying the uniform (by Camp) at Barnes and Noble on campus. She got it just a few weeks ago, so I bet it is still there! He has worn it for at least part of every day since she got it. Huge hit!

So glad to find your blog and be able to read about your sweet boys! All that blonde hair reminds me of my house. And, I totally don't think you are a stalker! Most of the blogs I read are people I've never met!

Anonymous said...

hay - it matches his shirt so it couldn't be too just blends in. honey