Monday, February 8, 2010

what is happening around here??

yes, we have had the stomach bug for 2 solid weeks.  somebody is always puking, PBS kids is always on, there are half-empty glasses of gatorade scattered about, there's a bucket every where you look, and i'm about to lose it.  but, that's not what i'm talking about.  i'm trying to not think about it actually.

what i mean is, why is my little man getting so big so fast??  he has a tooth.  compared to my other two, 6 months is really late in the teeth department.  wes had teeth at 3 months.  but it still made me so sad when that cute, little thing poked it's way through.  i don't want him to have a mouth full of teeth!  i like that gummy, baby smile. 

he can also sit up like it's no big deal. 

and he does love to sit up.  because of it, i had to get rid of the baby bathtub.  that may not seem like an emotional moment, but this thing has been through all three of my kids.  the pad was coming off and floating in the water, so it was time to get rid of it.  when i brought it out of the bathroom, william and wes wanted to know what i was doing.  they thought it was cool that they used to take a bath in it....and they wanted to try it out for old time's sake!! 

don't you wish you were that cool?? 

(i know i have said this before, but i really promise that this kid has pants...he just doesn't have them on 90% of the time!)

anyway, reed is really loving his transition to the real bathtub.  he has figured out how to splash, and he is so confused when he splashes himself in the face!!  i guess that is entertaining enough to make me forget about the baby bathtub that i just threw out!! 

 and, if that is not enough...he decided that he was big enough to get up on all 4s!

 of course, he doesn't go anywhere once he gets up because:
1.  mama knocks his legs out from under him because, hello....not ready for a crawler!!! don't even go there!
2.  if i don't get there quick enough, he just slides backwards until he wedges himself under the couch or a chair and then just stays stuck until somebody rescues him!

apparently, somebody told him that it was ok to grow up.

and although all of these things are really cute, i'm not happy about it.

but maybe i will be once i get a night of sleep not interrupted by somebody throwing up???

at this point, i think that would make me happy about almost anything!!! 


Anonymous said...

Makes my day!

Anonymous said...

what a week you guys are having. love the tub pictures. honey

Kaiti said...

Your boys are to cute! I keep saying the same thing about my 4 month old son... he needs to quit growing! haha.