Sunday, February 26, 2012

instead of a nap...

what mom tells her two year old to get outside and play and forget the afternoon nap?!?  well....that's me.  i can't help it.  all the sunshine got the better of me.  i'm glad that groundhog is a liar!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

our second home

is there any place better than d'casa?  judging by the fact that we end up there about once a week....i think not!!  chase and i used to go to cozumel in jackson just about every friday night when we lived there, so i guess we've just changed venues.  and all our kiddos love to go eat at "mexican."  reed claps and cheers "yayyyyyyy....cheese dip!!" when we just ride by there!  it must be in their dna to slurp up some salsa because they all love it.

the best part is that we get our money's worth.  this is what the kids' plates look like at the end of the meal.

and that is including ordering a second plate for william because he finished the first plate in 30 seconds and declared, "i need more."

chase swears every time we go out to eat that we can't eat out anymore with all these people that just inhale food.  but when they happily clean their plates, and i don't have to clean up after them.....well, that's worth every penny to me!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

deep thoughts with mama

not exactly the same ring to it as jack handey, but hey....

i'm tired.  i've had the sore throat/achey feeling going on this week.  that means i've been going to bed at 9ish and not playing around on the computer.  but when your a mom, nobody cares.  or maybe they do.  but either way, it doesn't matter because if you aren't dying on the bathroom floor from a stomach bug supper still has to be fixed, clothes have to be washed (how can these people make so many dirty clothes?), and children have to be herded transported to school, swim, birthday parties, etc.  i wouldn't trade it, but i'm still tired!!

reed has been the sick one this week.  or at least the sick one that people are concerned about!  asthma sucks.  he's on 8 medications which include but are not limited to 6 breathing treatments a day (more if needed), pills, nasal sprays, antibiotics, and steroids (oral, inhaled, and injected).  that last thing means that he's jumpy, irritable, moody, picky and will not sleep.  and when he decides that he's hungry....FEED him.  preferably pancakes.  and cheese.  he inherited his simple palate from his mama.  anyway, i've mentioned it before, but he's quite good with the nebulizer.  he can even multitask.

wes had to dress up like a community helper this week.  he chose a pizza delivery man.  that's community helping at it's finest, people.  at least it's mama helping!  lost pizza doesn't actually deliver, but we pretended like they do.  and if they need a driver in about 12 years, wes is ready!  i thought the earbuds were a nice touch!

the face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.  (well....i had to throw in some jack handey if the title was deep thoughts.)  william has been asking all kinds of stuff lately.  the other night, he and wes needed to have adultery explained to them.  is the gas in your body like the gas you put in your car?  who answers the stuff you ask google?  can i open microsoft word on your computer and type some stuff?  heaven is out of our galaxy, right? when you turn the key, how does that start your car?  why do you need a battery and gas to make it go?   i can answer or make up an answer to all the previous questions, but the car thing....still blows my mind.  not the slightest idea how a car works.  but i do know that if i turn the little switch, my back windshield wiper does not work.  i don't know that answer either.  but it would be nice to have when it rains.  hopefully, i can get that fixed next week.

speaking of rain...if a kid asks where rain comes from, i think a cute idea would be tell him that god is crying.  and when he asks why god is crying, tell him "probably something you did."  i used to lie in bed on saturday nights as a kid and turn off SNL as soon as deep thoughts was over.  no idea how i am pulling these out of the recesses of my brain now.  too bad SNL isn't as good as it used to be.  i was a dang good spartan cheerleader at my junior/senior.  we'll hope those videos never surface.  thank goodness we performed in the pre-youtube era!

reed had to go with me to reed's one day to pick up a few presents.  he loves that horse upstairs.  turn it on, mama.  turn it off.  turn it on, mama.  turn it off.  turn it on, mama.  turn it off.  i can't remember what the thing's name is.  it's been named since somewhere around 1900, and i can't remember.  oh well, i probably won't lose sleep over it.  too bad it's not named reed.  reed rode on reed at reed's.  i think i just proved i'm in need of medication.  if you're a horse, and somebody gets on you and falls off, and then gets right back on you, i think you should buck him off right away.  

since it decided to get cold yesterday after being 70 for a week.  wes and reed decided to make a boat in the den.  and then they paddled away from the crocodiles and went off to fight the bad guys.  we are very into war over here right now.  i hope this is just a boy thing.  every time william has a book report to do, he brings home a book about army tanks or helicopters, marines, or WWII.  every other kid picks out the berenstein bears.  i'm just lucky.  i had to convince him last week that japanese people aren't terrible people.  i can picture a world without war, a world without hate.  and i can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.  

so there.  i'm done rambling for the day.  i'm off to find some sort of medication for the congested head/chest and find a bed.  even jack handey ended up in the bed sometimes...
sometimes when i lie in bed and look up at the stars, i think to myself "man, i really need to fix that roof!"

i think jack and i would have gotten along quite nicely.  peace out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the best time of the day

watching your kid sleep has to be god's way of making you forget all of their crazy antics from the day!!! they could have been a complete hellion that day (don't act like that doesn't happen at your house), but seeing them snuggled up so peaceful (or sprawled out) while i mutter little breath prayers is my favorite thing to do every night.

and when reed has his hands placed perfectly like's all i can do to not scoop him up and kiss him to pieces!!!