Tuesday, February 21, 2012

our second home

is there any place better than d'casa?  judging by the fact that we end up there about once a week....i think not!!  chase and i used to go to cozumel in jackson just about every friday night when we lived there, so i guess we've just changed venues.  and all our kiddos love to go eat at "mexican."  reed claps and cheers "yayyyyyyy....cheese dip!!" when we just ride by there!  it must be in their dna to slurp up some salsa because they all love it.

the best part is that we get our money's worth.  this is what the kids' plates look like at the end of the meal.

and that is including ordering a second plate for william because he finished the first plate in 30 seconds and declared, "i need more."

chase swears every time we go out to eat that we can't eat out anymore with all these people that just inhale food.  but when they happily clean their plates, and i don't have to clean up after them.....well, that's worth every penny to me!!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to pizza night?