Thursday, January 27, 2011

mr. january thanks you!

dear friends, and family members, and long lost cousins, and husbands of friends, and co-workers of friend's husbands, and grandparents, and people that work with grandparents, and everybody from north mississippi all the way down to the gulf mr. january!!

i personally couldn't think of a better way to open a calendar and start my year, but hey, he's mine.  but, he's also mr. january thanks to all of you!!  he appreciates you taking time to vote for him.  and his mama appreciates you stocking her pantry with dr. pepper for the next year.  :)

feel free to pop in for a cold one anytime!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

to all my dr. pepper friends...

and all of you others that are addicted to some form of caffeine...i need you!  :)

anybody that knows me knows that i have a thing for dr. pepper.  it is the only reason i was able to survive the first few months of up-all-night nursing, rocking, crying, cleaning up spit-up, cursing the man that impregnated me with these crying, eating 'round-the-clock, non-sleeping people!  don't know you did the same thing to your husband, too!

although i'm no longer drinking them at 10, 2 and 4 with a few shots in between (mama sleeps all night these days!), i still have to have my hit of dr. pepper daily.  so...when the opportunity to win a year's supply of dr. pepper arose, i had to take a chance on it!

this is where you come in!  lincee ray at i hate green beans is having a "cute boy and dr. pepper contest." there are 5 finalists each month.  you go vote by leaving a comment on her blog or on her facebook page or just email her (there's a link on the side of her blog).  the winner gets a year's supply of dr. pepper!

look who is in the running for mr. january!!

so, please do me a favor and support my habit by going to vote for reed!  in both places.  once a day.  whatever it takes!  she's never had a kid's always been teenagers, college boys and dr. pepper drinking husbands.  help my little man out!  

and if y'all make him are all free to drop by anytime for a cold one!  

click here:

as an aside...if you watch the bachelor, check back on the day after to read her recaps.  even though it's the dumbest show on earth, it's worth watching to get the laughs that she provides!  

now, go vote!  pretty please!  

Monday, January 17, 2011

atlanta weather report

my sister-in-law who lives in the ATL sent me this video this morning.  it's a riot.  i'm glad i was sitting on my couch ALONE when i watched it because i know i looked like a crazy idiot laughing at this woman!  real tears, people!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's my favorite time of year!

last weekend marked the beginning of SEC basketball season.

we were there.  

this first home game didn't go quite the way we wanted, but we've since picked it up and may end up with a fun season yet!

but if not...the popcorn is always good!

Monday, January 10, 2011

a real snow day!

the national weather service issued a statement this weekend about the upcoming winter storm saying that it would be a "detriment to society."  in return, i heard it called white death 2011,  snow-calypse, and everything in between.  whatever it was awesome!

it started snowing late sunday afternoon and continued all night long.  real snow.  powdery ski slope snow. not that mushy, wet stuff that we are used to.  fluffy, beautiful, white snow!

we went out before bed and played in the one inch that was already on the ground.

this is what our house looked like at 9pm.

and then we woke up to this!!

poor reed couldn't walk in that much snow!  it was up to his knees.  he tried to take a step right when we went outside and subsequently ended up face down in the snow.  he was not happy about it.

and for the rest of the day, he just stood right where i put him down.  no more trying to walk around for him!!

the other two didn't stand around, though!  they stayed out all day with a few breaks for hot chocolate and to put their clothes in the dryer!  it seemed that the snow brought everybody out of their houses.  we played with all of our neighbors and even met neighbors that we didn't know we had!!

during one of their breaks, we made snow ice cream which was a hit!

and when they had gotten their fill for the day, we checked out all of the snowmen in the neighborhood!

i think we counted somewhere around 40 snowmen.  there were lots of beach bound snowmen and even a snowbear!

so...there was actually snow on this snow day, and we had a blast!  if this is what is meant by "detriment to society," i think we are all in agreement that we can have lots more detrimental 7 inches of snow!  i need to restock my hot chocolate stash first, though!