Thursday, January 27, 2011

mr. january thanks you!

dear friends, and family members, and long lost cousins, and husbands of friends, and co-workers of friend's husbands, and grandparents, and people that work with grandparents, and everybody from north mississippi all the way down to the gulf mr. january!!

i personally couldn't think of a better way to open a calendar and start my year, but hey, he's mine.  but, he's also mr. january thanks to all of you!!  he appreciates you taking time to vote for him.  and his mama appreciates you stocking her pantry with dr. pepper for the next year.  :)

feel free to pop in for a cold one anytime!!


Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

Yeah, Reed!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do I get a calendar?

Kathryn said...

Yeah!! Congrats! How could those baby blues have lost???

Lanny said...

Congratulations! I saw Mr. January today but didn't know about his fame. He is mighty, mighty cute.