Friday, April 29, 2011

will you be my friend?

i got these pictures in an email along with these captions from my neighbor a few days ago.  i thought he was at their house playing, but i guess he was trying to snag a girlfriend.  at least he has good taste!!

wes: "i like you this much."

wes: "can you like me this much?"
laurie: "i'll think about it...maybe."

wes:  "dang...women."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i assumed it was much too cold.

obviously, i was the only one that thought so.

"it looks too cold, mama...i'm just gonna stay right here!"

and after about 20 minutes, the little people decided that reed was right and got out of the pool shivering!  but that 20 minutes was fun while it lasted!

hurry up, summer!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

celebrating easter

easter might just really be only one day on the calendar, but we've been celebrating for quite some time!  and despite the sugar overload and numerous egg hunts that we've been a part of, it's cool to see my kids start to grasp the true meaning of this holiday.  william picked up a plastic egg and opened it looking for candy a few afternoons ago.  it happened to be empty because his brother had beaten him to it and snagged the jelly beans out of it.  he looked at wes and said, "that's ok, wes.  the empty ones are the best kind because jesus rose from the dead, and this egg is like the tomb because it's empty."  i think wes was happy to have scored the jelly beans, but hey...we're getting there!!

all 3 little people enjoyed the egg-dying process.

reed tried a bite of his egg,

and he was not a fan!

posing with the finished product...

we took in easterpalooza at the country club.

somebody did not care for the easter bunny!

but he perked up for the magic show!

wes got to star in the magic show!!

after his brother left the stage, reed got bored and headed back to the ducks.  or maybe he just wanted to splash in the was hot out there!

then the egg hunting began!

it didn't take reed long to figure out this egg hunting business! and don't even think about trying to hold his basket for him.  he's a stingy little egg hunter!


after checking out their baskets this morning,

i made them pose for me before we headed to church.

no...i do not consider crocs to be cute easter shoes, but if you think you can get him to wear anything else...come on over and try!

and on this celebration of the resurrection, i leave you with the words of a 5 year old...

happy easter!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

we can't afford clothes.

at least that's what you'd think if you dropped by our house.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

identification, please!!

this weekend, i watched as reed went outside and hunched over in a squat curiously checking something out on the ground.  he stayed in this position for a while, but he never reached out to touch whatever it was he was so intently staring at.  thank goodness!!!!

what in blue blazes is that?!?  it looks like the inside of a bird that has swallowed a frog!!  but, the head of the bird is way too small to swallow that frog.  and where is the rest of the bird?  the feathers, the fat.  it almost looks embryonic!  and how on earth did it get on my back patio?? it's slightly disturbing!

i'm counting on y'all to let me know what sort of creature this is!!  surely some of you mississippi folks have some answers!  ugh!  gross....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

up, up and away

the older two worked up a sweat with all of the playing, and the little one ate his way through this year's balloon festival.

and then we came home and slept.  hard!