Tuesday, April 19, 2011

identification, please!!

this weekend, i watched as reed went outside and hunched over in a squat curiously checking something out on the ground.  he stayed in this position for a while, but he never reached out to touch whatever it was he was so intently staring at.  thank goodness!!!!

what in blue blazes is that?!?  it looks like the inside of a bird that has swallowed a frog!!  but, the head of the bird is way too small to swallow that frog.  and where is the rest of the bird?  the feathers, the fat.  it almost looks embryonic!  and how on earth did it get on my back patio?? it's slightly disturbing!

i'm counting on y'all to let me know what sort of creature this is!!  surely some of you mississippi folks have some answers!  ugh!  gross....


Kathryn said...

What the...?!? That's disgusting! Keep us posted - I'm dying to know what in the world that thing is!!!

patrick and amy said...

Ewww. What did you do with it!! That's gross!