Monday, April 4, 2011

learning fair

last week marked the 2011 learning fair at william's school.  never having had a learning fair when i was in school (i guess we were deprived in the delta), i had no idea what such a fair was all about.  come to find out...learning fair = projects.  i'm not a huge fan of the project.  projects mean glue and craftiness.  my poor kids...could there be a less crafty mom on the planet?!?  so anyway, when chase and i got home from the SEC tournament a few weeks ago, i was pumped to find that the grandparents had completed the required shadow box depicting william's favorite place.  what a cool grandma, huh?

goofball.  miss hayley sent me this picture!  

knox and william showing off their favorite places.

william, allie and knox are glad the learning fair is over!

and by looking at the story boards of solar systems and dissected fish made out of play-dough that we have to do next year, i'm gonna need the grandparents to move in!


Anne Flanagan said...

Very cool shadowbox, grandparents! I don't envy the number of "projects" that will be coming your way for the next 17 years.

(uh... ahem... two watches?)

Lance and DK said...

ok, let's get this straight. as the grandparent in question and a retired teacher, i want all to know that said grandson did the work himself. i took care of the scissors "stuff" and grandson did the drawing, placing and pasting. i thought he was quite thoughtful where he wanted to place the swingset, fence, flowers and himself running. so, i will be more than happy to help said grandson with any project. now, on the other hand, i am not so sure about one of the other grandsons. his mama tries to get him to working on his writing and he tells her she can finish tracing the letters because he is going out side to play. mama can work with him!!

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

LOL at Laura and D.K. ;-)

I am not at all envious of the upcoming projects. I think I have an "other grandson" on my hands!

Anne Flanagan said...

Methinks the "other grandson" is going to give Laura a run for her money! Ha!

(and DK, I thought the shadowbox was very creative. I love that Williams' favorite place was right in his own backyard!)