Thursday, April 25, 2013


super bulldog weekend was a hit last weekend with all 4 of my kids!!  :)  i consider the neighbor to be one of mine, and i'm pretty sure that with 3 sisters he is happy to claim us as well!!  we could not have had a more beautiful day to tour the new football facility, watch the football game, and then be a part of the second largest crowd ever at dudy noble as we beat auburn to take the series.

the sun was too bright, so nobody would even look at me except gray!

go dawgs!

Friday, April 19, 2013

baseball is back

well, baseball season is back going strong.  it opened last weekend with an opening day ceremony followed by the first games.  william and wes had games at the same time, so i only have pics of wes so far.  i'll have to update with some of william in a week or two.

while wes enjoys actually hitting the ball and trying to get people out, i'm fairly certain that he plays baseball mostly for the snack provided after the game.  baseball is his gateway to a snack!  nevertheless, he hit two to the fence this game!

and let's not forget the all-star little brother!

and his other fans, too!

so...if you need me over the next two months, i'll be at a baseball field!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

we came, we saw, we learned

last week, william and wes had their learning fair at school.  the first grade had to pick a place/landmark and research it.  then they had to choose a bible verse that went along with that place, come up with some facts, gather some pictures, and put it all together on a storyboard.  william chose yellowstone.  so we printed off some of our vacation pictures from last year!  i love easy!!

paul, william, and will

wes had to do a storyboard on something that he has studied this year.  he chose mississippi.  and let me tell you....that little sucker knows some stuff about mississippi!  he told me the state insect, state mammal, state reptile, and i'm not going to lie....i had to google some of it to make sure he was right!  he was!!

wes, jackson, and sam

so if you need to know anything about yellowstone or mississippi, there are two little experts over here that will be glad to help you!