Thursday, August 31, 2017

last year before a teenager!

on the 15th, william turned 12.  he had a good day complete with donuts, federer clothes, and a ton of books!!  his daddy was working, so we had to get our obligatory mexican dinner in a few nights early, but he celebrated on the day of with a birthday supper with his "all" of his brothers!

from Facebook:

12 years ago my world was changed for the better! This crazy kid came into the world 3 weeks early because he was ready to get going! Nothing has changed! There is something to be learned around every corner, and he wants to know whatever it is. He loves to learn, and he asks the hardest questions! Old Testament, engines, sound waves, astronomy…..I can’t keep up! Thank goodness for google! He was the only one at my house ready and excited to go back to school! He has a mind like a steel trap and can remember random facts about random things that he learned years ago, but he still has trouble finding his shoes in the morning or remembering his lunch. He thinks greek mythology is fascinating, and he couldn’t be more excited that he got The Iliad and the Odyssey for his birthday….all 4000 pages. He could eat shrimp, tacos, and heath bar pie for every meal and never miss anything else, except maybe fruit. He taught himself to read the summer before kindergarten, and he always has a book within 2 feet of him. He’s never met a book he didn’t like. Large groups of people aren’t his thing. He hates ritz crackers and uncomfortable clothes. He loves Mississippi State sporting events, but he says that he’s going to Vanderbilt (at least for today….does anybody have any pull in Nashville?) Dak is still a hero. He likes to mow the grass, but he always opts for the riding mower! He loves to cook, although he struggles to remember to clean up his messes afterwards. We are working on it! He likes Steph Curry, the Celtics, and collecting football cards. He is almost as tall as I am, and this may be the year that he passes me. We already wear the same size shoes. He loves Jordan Speith, Roger Federer, and the Cowboys. He really loves to be on the tennis court! Golf with his buddies and swimming are right behind tennis. He loves a good joke, and he’s been known to tell more than a few corny ones! His brothers think he’s pretty cool, and they love when he helps them with their homework. He wants to be an orthodontist, an architect, a marine, and do some type of coding. Music runs through his veins. He always has something playing on the radio, is humming or singing, or is playing the piano. He likes it all….and I do mean ALL. Sam Cooke and motown to 80s to country to rock to the Gettys and hymns. I have to yell up the stairs quite often for him to “turn it down!” He has the uncanny ability to fall asleep within seconds of getting in the bed, and he’s a major morning person! He loves coffee, the sports page, and a big breakfast. In his world, there is no concept of a dirty clothes hamper, yet he makes his bed in the mornings. The toothbrush rarely gets put back where it goes, but the towels are hung up nice and neatly. He loves, loves, loves math, and if he would put just a teeny, tiny bit of that love into his handwriting we might be able to read it!! He’s one in a million, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him. Happy 12th birthday, William! (photo creds: Luke Flippo)

happy birthday, william!  we love you!!  

Monday, August 28, 2017

back at it

school started back about three weeks ago. nobody at our house was ready.  well, i take that back.  william was ready.  the rest of us were hanging on to summer by a thread.

however, they were all willing to give me a few smiles on the first day!

william moved up to the middle school (6th grade), so there will be no more pictures with teachers from this point moving forward!  the best i could do was to get him to stop and smile before he got out of the car!

i've still got some time with the other two!!  :)  reed started 2nd grade with mrs. scott!  nobody has had her before, but we've heard awesome things about her class.  looking forward to a great year!

wes began 4th grade with mrs. herndon.  although she's taught for many years, it's her first year at our school.  wes says she is super nice, AND she's a bulldog fan!  he was really excited that he FINALLY got a teacher who was a state fan!

so there we have it.  hopefully these smiles will last until mid may!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

to golf or not to golf??? what a stupid question!

obsessed.  that's the only word to describe it.  this was most definitely the summer of golf.  these kids were dressed at 7am every morning ready to go.  18 holes, swim, get out and play 18 more.  it's the first summer that they have really been able to go and play on their own.  they know the rules, the etiquette, and heck, they know all the old men out there, too!!  it was fun to watch their games develop and their passion (obsession?) grow.

one thing is for sure...these legs got a workout this summer!

AND rain or shine....they wanted to be out there!!!

the two littlest golfers hung with the big boys!

the two middle golfers would eat and sleep out there if we let them!

it's fun to see this picture change through the years!

they played some pga junior league matches for our club against other clubs in north mississippi and tennessee.  tcc has some pretty good golfers, y'all!

william and clay finally got to play together for the first time at the last match!  they were so excited, and they won 3-0.  so....maybe it won't be the last time they get paired together!

these two are ready to take their show on the road.  wes and mason got to play together the last match as well.  they also won 3-0!  and these game faces kill me!

 they also played on the coke tour and hit up a bunch of clubs all over north mississippi.  we were successful some days, and some days we just had fun chasing that ball around!

the ole miss course is fun because it's wide open!!!

old waverly is fun because it is old waverly!!!

corinth is always fun because a trip to the milkshake place always follows the corinth round!

wes is best friends with everybody he plays with by the end of the round!!

reed has to have a caddy at the coke tournaments.  daddy was able to go to one tournament and be his caddy this year!  mama had the job the rest of the year! 

(this is his wiggle dance trying to get that putt to fall in!)

no matter the scores, borroum's is always a hit!!!

and let us not forget annandale!  this kid has played that course waaaaaaay more times than me!!

it's funny when i look back at these pictures because i can tell that they obviously have their favorite items of clothing to wear!!  or maybe those are the lucky ones!!  :)

my best friend took one of these pictures, and i took the other.  we entitled the two of them together, "Summer 2017."  i think they about sum it up.

i know they will be out there plenty during the school year, but it's just not the same!  here's to hoping this school year flies by, and summer 2018 is just as fun!!