Wednesday, August 2, 2017

the beach

we are finishing up summer over here, but i needed to document our beach trip before we get too far removed from summer break!  we were supposed to go back in june when tropical storm cindy came through.  we decided not to go and sit in a condo all week while cindy stormed outside!  we knew we would have all killed each other with all of the togetherness, so we postponed it and went later in july!  what a great decision!!  the weather was perfect for our second choice of weeks!

you know they couldn't go a whole week without some form of golf!

first jump!

does anybody ever actually win this hook game??? 

waiting on the sun to go down to catch all the crabs! reed wasn't scared of them this year, so now we have three full fledged crab hunters!

 they wore the slides out!

we can't go to the beach without fighting it out on a putt putt course.  william took the honors this year! AND we didn't see a snake on the course this year, so i consider that a win for everybody!!

 all three little people tend to prefer the pool, but we did spend some time in the actual ocean.  nobody was quick enough to catch a fish.  slackers.

go-karts are one of the highlights of their trip.  they love a go-kart.  reed was *slightly* disappointed that he still wasn't tall enough to drive his own, so he refused to smile in any of the pictures!  he should be there by next summer!  and chase will be happy to not have to cram into one of those things, i'm sure!

my favorite little people...

and my favorite big one...

that big one got a little testy on the way home after being stuck in a standstill on the interstate for THREE HOURS!  and the middle one tried to hop out of the car and pee on the side of the interstate. but, all in all, it was a fabulous and relaxing week.  we can't wait to do it again next summer.  however, we may check for alternate routes on the way home before hitting the interstate!!  

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